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31st Oct 2002, 06:30
I was trying to find the official site for Hitman 2 and I came across something... odd...

I went to www.eidos.com and clicked on the USA/NA icon which brought me to www.eidosinteractive.com .

At that site, Internet Explorer gave me a HTTP 404 Not Found error (file is missing).

It's 1:15am EST (DST).

Is eidos under maintenance, aware of this issue or is it just me?

NOTE: It will probobly work by the time someone reads it (since its late and most ppl are in bed.. which is where im headed :D ).

31st Oct 2002, 17:04
Yup it's just you :D :rolleyes:

1st Nov 2002, 05:44
Yah, see!! now it works :)

Proves something :)

If you complain about it, something good will happen :D

(Thats why many stores have a "customers service" counter :)

It's true!! People go to the service counter, "complain" that its either cheaper somewhere else or they're trying to weasel their way out of the 14 day return policy.

Don't believe me? Go to walmart after christmas. You should see a big line starting from walmart and ending in the mcdonalds :)

(here there's a mcdonalds "in" the walmart and the customer's service is a few feet away. Not to mention those things like at banks.. you know.. those "wait behind this <color> line" that does <see drawing>)

========= | <wait here>
========= <enter here>

15th Nov 2002, 05:59
It's not just you. That's happened to me twice. It just happened again this morning (Thursday). And the last time it happened was a week ago. Must be maintenance or something.

16th Nov 2002, 02:21

16th Nov 2002, 07:49
Originally posted by mrdefender
It's true!! People go to the service counter, "complain" that its either cheaper somewhere else or they're trying to weasel their way out of the 14 day return policy.

LOL I took my PS2 back to Wal-Mart over three months after I bought it last year, and they let me exchange it for another with no trouble. I was amazed, frankly. The problem with the one I had bought, laughably enough, was that it wouldn't play PS2 games. It played regular Playstation games perfectly, though. (So, basically, it was like paying $300 for an original Playstation!:eek: LOL)

16th Nov 2002, 09:24
What if you had asked for your money back, waited for the 200 dollar version to come out, and saved yourself a hundred? Needy people gotta save. ;)

16th Nov 2002, 10:00
Needy people also get to be needy people by going off and buying $300 game consoles on a whim. It probably would have been wiser to wait for the price to drop a bit, but nobody has ever accused me of being wise, anyway. ;) :D

16th Nov 2002, 17:36

I can honestly say I never experienced that problem before Rook :)

17th Nov 2002, 06:11
What? Never bought something pricey on a whim?


17th Nov 2002, 23:11
The only time I did that it was pricey but I could well afford it.

It was when I reiceved my first disability pention. It was 2K!

I got myself the "new" GeForce 4.

18th Nov 2002, 01:11
Well, I wasn't really broke when I bought my PS2, but it probably would have been smarter if I had waited for the price to drop first. :D

18th Nov 2002, 01:29
The price for the GeForce 4 is still the same :)

:mad: Damn :mad:

They've just played a new Die Another Day (007) tv comercial. Why do we have to suffer from waiting so much :(

18th Nov 2002, 02:25
Well, yeah but I have to wait till 2004 for my next Soul Reaver fix! That's the only game I'm looking forward to right now, and that wait seems like forever! :eek: http://www.click-smilie.de/sammlung/traurig/traurig038.gif

18th Nov 2002, 03:00
I'm a major gamer. I have many games I'm waiting for.

Bond 007: Night Fire - ELECTRONIC ARTS
Command & Conquer: Generals - ELECTRONIC ARTS
Star Trek Elite Force 2 - ACTIVISION
BloodRayne - MAJESCO (this one should be for pc, cause i saw it for ps2 at EB)
Deus Ex 2 - EIDOS
Duke Nukem Forever - TAKE 2

18th Nov 2002, 03:09
Ooohh, I'm playing BloodRayne on PS2 right now. :D

I'm a big time gamer, too. I'm sure there will be other games coming along that I'll want to buy. Soul Reaver 3 is the only game I am looking forward to in the painfully distant future, though. I'm also awaiting the release of Devil May Cry 2 in the next couple of months. Hope it rocks! :D

18th Nov 2002, 03:20
Elite Force was first set on voyager (the only voyager game) and elite force 2 will be set on the Enterprise-E!!!!!!!

THE ENTERPRISE-E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would've liked to have been posted on Voyager. But the Enterprise-E is the next best thing :)

Defiant would be nice too. but id hate to sleep in such a cramp cabined ship.

18th Nov 2002, 03:59
See, now I really need to go out and get me some Star Trek (or even Star Wars!) games, too! I've been missing out! :eek: :cool:

18th Nov 2002, 06:39
The last star wars game on PC is Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast

Sequel to the Jedi Oucast and Jedi Knight games (like Dark Forces). Its like 2 series but from the same character.

Those games were DOS graphics (ala Southpark)

18th Nov 2002, 06:47
That bad, ay? ;)

So which one is the best one to start with?

19th Nov 2002, 00:51
I'd have to say This one. (Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast)

It's a good game. No fancy stuff, you go thru a test after the 2nd chapter to get ur light saber and force powers. after that, the force powers increase in power/level.

Plus you can duel siths (dark jedi) with lightsaber!! :)

19th Nov 2002, 07:11
Oooohh, I might just have to pick up a copy of that one! Sounds pretty cool! :cool:

19th Nov 2002, 22:52
its availabe on Xbox aswell. Im not sure if its out on PS2. (I dont follow console release dates)

20th Nov 2002, 09:28
Guess I'll just have to get it for PC then. Of course, I have a whole collection of PC games I haven't even set aside the time to install or play, yet. :o :D

20th Nov 2002, 20:55
Is there an Electronics Boutique in your area?

If you have old games (n64, ps2, ps1, xbox, gc, pc) you can trade it in for money redemable for other stuff in the store.

I redeemed 10 gameboy games, 2 gameboy colors and the link thingy that u can play with another person (like 2 player tetris).

I got 260$ for it :)

21st Nov 2002, 07:53
It sounds familiar, but I'm not sure if we have an Electronics Boutique here. I'll have to look it up...

The last time I traded in a couple of games at a used game store, they ended up nearly giving me the original retail price for them, and they were selling the used copies of the ones I was trading in for more than I had bought them for new! Needless to say, I was glad they hadn't realized how much my games were really worth... :D

21st Nov 2002, 19:49
Same thing happend to me. But they need to make some profit to keep the store open and the "trade-in policy".

22nd Nov 2002, 06:59
True. I prefer buying "used, but in new condition" games anyway. Saves money, and the only thing they don't have is the plastic wrap. I can deal with that. :D

22nd Nov 2002, 18:31
I only buy used games if the new game is too expensive (over 80 dollars, tax not included) or if there are only used games of that game left (if only have used games of star trek or something).

They (EB) test console games (for GC, PS2, XBX, GBA) but not PC.

What reasons does someone return a game (then it becomes "pre-owned" or "used")? Defective, Won't install, Scratched.. etc... But they say "I don't like it" when they return it...

and pre-owned games are a final sale, so if Its busted, I'm stuck with it since its sold as a "as is" product.

23rd Nov 2002, 06:56
Well, the place I get my used games from has a policy that if you buy something that is defective, they won't refund your money, but they will let you return it and choose something else.

23rd Nov 2002, 21:22
Same thing as EB. But if you return too many, it becomes a final sale then your stuck with it or u can "trade it in" for alot less than its worth (got 2 games, cost me around 80 dollars and traded it in for 30..)

Hey, u eat McDonalds right? Do you use bbq or hot mustard sauce with fries? or is it just me?

I prefer bbq or hotmustard over ketchup :)

23rd Nov 2002, 21:26
Oooh, that would royally suck! :eek:

I've actually never had a problem returning games to the store I buy them from. They're pretty decent about the whole trade-in thing. I just wish they'd air the place out a bit. It's a privately owned store in a less than decent side of town, and it always smells like musty socks there...LOL :D

24th Nov 2002, 02:01
sounds like my apartment building.

In the aparement (where we actually "live" like the bedrooms and stuff) is ok, The hallways stink, the elevators stink, the stairs stink, the garage stinks, the first floor stinks.

It gave me so much nausea that I stopped breathing thru my nose from the apartment to the car (and back).

There's no circulation. No fans in the elevator, the ones in the hallways are busted (or are set on the "rediculously low" setting), the stairs have no vents either.. As soon as you get off the elevator (in the garage) you have tons of junk. Its like people just ride the elevator down, stay in elevator and throw their garbage out before the door closes again.

:mad: :mad: :mad:

We called the city to get this place up to code, but they say its already up to code. so we called the ministry of health and the guy is presured to get this place fixed.

Apparently, it got bought and the new owners will get this place back up to the right "code"

24th Nov 2002, 04:04
Yeesh! I've never lived in a large apartment building (our last one was just us and the apartment downstairs), but I have family members who live in the kind that you've described, and they have some of the same conditions there. Hope things get better where you're at now that you've got new building owners and everything.

24th Nov 2002, 06:28
actually, everyone is supposed to get kicked out by july 2003. So we're quickly looking for another place to live.

They're kicking everyone out and gonna do the renovations then open the "new" building to the public (including those who aren't here before the kick out..)

If we try to cancel our contract (i forget the proper name for this issue), we would need to pay until our contract ends.

Example: If we rented for 12 months, left in 9, we need to pay the last 3.. :/ even if we get kicked out before our contract is "officially" over, we'll need to finish paying whatever months are left.

24th Nov 2002, 10:19
Ok, I tried to think of an intelligent response to that, but the only thing that comes to mind is

That sucks big time!:eek: :mad:

Hope you find a nice place and you don't get stuck paying too much extra. :)

24th Nov 2002, 21:02
i hope so too. We're thinking about moving back to Orleans (we're in the city now. busy streets at night and 5 bus stops around here and the bus goes <sqwheeench> every time it breaks (applies the breaks))

24th Nov 2002, 22:25
Gad! That has to get annoying! I live on a cul-de-sac at the back of a small collection of streets. It has been a fantastic break from our previous apartment, where we lived on a four-lane highway and the traffic just NEVER went away. I mean if it did lighten up at all, a decent night's sleep was usually goofed up by one idiot going down the highway on one of these horribly loud motorcycles in the middle of the night. I kind of figured we had a noise ordinance to deal with that, but apparently it isn't enforced...:rolleyes:

Anyway, the place that we ended up is a lot better. Maybe you'll get a better place yourself. :)

25th Nov 2002, 04:41
As long as I dont hear those darn busses (buses? Bus-es.. ??)

25th Nov 2002, 04:43
Yeah, those are bad, too. And semi tractor-trailers! AAGH!! :eek:

25th Nov 2002, 20:15
Is that like optimus prime in the original Transformers?

(in the new one, optimus is a fire engine)

26th Nov 2002, 07:35
Yep, that's what he was! :cool:

I miss watching the old Transformers cartoons. They were cool. :(

26th Nov 2002, 19:47
Me too. I was young back then :)

I liked it. I liked bumble bee :) (the little beetle car) :)

27th Nov 2002, 07:27
Hmmmm...I don't remember Bumble Bee...:o

I liked the ones that looked like dinosaurs, myself. If I remember correctly, they started off as bad guys. I always thought they were cool, though. :cool:

28th Nov 2002, 03:46
dinosaurs.. hmmm... all i can think of in that one was Megatron in "Beast Wars". He was a T-rex.

In the original, Megatron was huge as a robot and he transformed into a tiny gun that the stereo guy uses.

28th Nov 2002, 06:28
The Transformers Dinobots were nifty. I think one of their names was Grimlock. That's all I really remember as far as names, though.

Haven't really watched any Beast Wars, though.:o

Ooh, and here I've found a pic of them...


28th Nov 2002, 19:36

I remember them now!!! They went to a musem to get the dinosaur's patern (so they would look like dinosaurs in "disguise" mode.)

28th Nov 2002, 23:24
Woohoo! I'm not crazy! They really do exist!:D

I think I remember them more easily than any of the others because they were modeled after dinosaurs, while quite a lot of the other Transformers turned into cars, helicopters, etc. At least that's how it seemed from what I recall of the cartoons.

I really miss all my old 80s toons.:(

29th Nov 2002, 07:29
I know.

I remember alot of em.

What I liked about the show was all those autobots and decepticons (???) that could combine into big bad robots (like in power rangers). That was cool.

It was an original series.

29th Nov 2002, 08:54
Yeah, that was pretty cool. Now there's a show where I wish I had original episodes on tape. Then again, I used to watch GI Joe and Kidd Video, too. :D

30th Nov 2002, 20:37
Never heard of Kidd. Whats it about?

30th Nov 2002, 23:55
Not surprising if you don't recall it. It first came out in 1984. Heck, I even had to look it up awhile back to see what the name of the show was. The only name I could remember from it was the Master Blaster.

Kidd Video was one of those quintessential 80's cartoons about a rock band that gets pulled into a cartoon music video world called the Flipside, and they're always trying to find a way back to the real world. And the main villain was called the Master Blaster. It was just one of those cool cartoons (at least it was cool when I was 6;)) that came out back in the days when MTV was still a fairly new station, and music videos were the hot thing, so they made a cartoon that reflected that. It would probably look as outdated as anything else from the 80s does now, but I'd still love to find some old episodes of it to watch, just for nostalgia's sake. :)

Found this... KIDD VIDEO (http://www.kvflipside.org/) :D

1st Dec 2002, 17:10
I was 1 year old at the time :)

(no wonder I cant remember it :D)

1st Dec 2002, 21:56
Well, I remember going to see the Empire Strikes Back when I was 2. :p :D

2nd Dec 2002, 03:45
Wow. You have a better memory than I do ;)

The only things I can remember that well are painfull memories :(

2nd Dec 2002, 07:55
Sorry to hear that...http://www.click-smilie.de/sammlung/traurig/traurig014.gif

2nd Dec 2002, 22:24
its one of those "stuck for life" memories.

Like the day I found out I was sick (and was cancer when we did the tests), the week my parents got divorced (march break) and christmas.

My mom's guy "friend" was invited to her christmas dinner and we weren't informed (so we were unprepared) and when he arrived, and we (sis and I) knew who it was, well.. let's just say the dominoes started falling....

sigh. id hate to do a self-bio. id be the first book with a gazzilion chapters :)