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31st Oct 2002, 01:03
I am going to buy a 3D modeling tool off a student store with help of my school. Should I get 3D studio max 5 or Maya unlimited? Which program is more easier to use or learn? Is Maya Unlimited any good?

31st Oct 2002, 01:58
First things first go to the developers web site and sign up to recive a Demo by mail, try the demos on both programs than see which one is good, Maya is actully the Top Dog of all Animation programs. The only flaw is that you have to have a NT based OS like Windows NT, 2000, or XP. 98 programs won't work but 3DSMax will, if you want to buy a learing edition of Maya I suggest to either download it online if you got broadband or purchase UT2003 for the Learning Edition of Maya which is 50 dollars in US money or just purchase the learning edition from Aliaswavefront themselves which is 15 dollars in US money!

31st Oct 2002, 13:10
learning edition is no good. I can't stand the watermarks. I can get a student version for $459.

31st Oct 2002, 13:26
Maya Maya Maya Maya Maya Maya Maya Maya

I use Maya Unlimited 4.0 all the time, it's absolutly amazing. The cloth and hair features are extremely useful, it's all great. And with Maya 4.5 out, there's now the fluid effects, which are just stunning. I highly recommend Maya to anyone.

1st Nov 2002, 21:10
Well, consider 3Ds MAX a parent of all 3D Modeling programs, which means it's more powerful than any 3D Modeling Software, but, I'm not saying it's easier to learn 3ds MAX than (e.g.) Maya ;)
In conlusion, having bought 3D Studio MAX 4 or 5 you will never be disappointed! :)

2nd Nov 2002, 04:59
Just adding on to my Maya campaign (The other one was fairly rushed), Maya is fast on it's way to becoming the staple of CG artists alike.

Ugh, I have to go again, I'll finish this later..

2nd Nov 2002, 20:30
Ok so far I have been looking to programs such as lightwave,maya, and 3D studio max. Which one of these programs has an easy learning curve. Also what makes each of these programs good? What are the cons and pros?

3rd Nov 2002, 03:29
Well, Maya..

1) Learning Curve - The Basics - The basics are pretty fast to learn, and the more advanced features can take some time to get the hang of, but the tutorials Maya does come with make it a lot easier.

2) What's Impressive About The Program - Well, it's hard to explain, but I find Maya very user friendly. If you want to really learn what Maya's all about, download the learning edition. (Just use it to see what Maya is like, as the watermarks are quite annoying)

3)Cons - I've noticed that some of the features (Cloth, Fur, for example) tend to not be very flexable in how you can use them. For example, Fur can really only be attached to a NURBS surface, so if you're modelling with Polygons or Sub Division Surfaces, you won't have much luck.

3rd Nov 2002, 14:15
thanks seth, anyone know anything about lightwave?

3rd Nov 2002, 17:17
Well, Lightwave (I currently have 3DS Max, Lightwave, and Maya on my hard drive)

1) Learning Curve - I found Lightwave harder to learn, mostly because it's interface isn't as user-friendly as Maya or 3DS Max, I really couldn't figure out how to make even a simple sphere.

2) What's Impressive About The Program - It can create stunningly realistic objects with glass, water and other liquids, and metallics. Visit www.highend3d.com to see some amazing work, it seriously fooled me to thinking it was real.

3) Cons - Again, the interface is very un-user-friendly, and the program can't really keep up to the standards that Maya and 3DS Max continue to set.

3rd Nov 2002, 17:23
Originally posted by Seth
Well, Lightwave (I currently have 3DS Max, Lightwave, and Maya on my hard drive)

What are you, a multi millionaire :D I can just about afford Paint Shop Pro, and that's only cos it was free with PC Format. :p

3rd Nov 2002, 17:36

3rd Nov 2002, 20:22
I wish I could afford those programs ;)!

Actually I am talking about the student versions that cost about $459. Ordering student versions are a pain because you have to get help from the school you go to, other wise you can not get it. I go to boarding school, so it will be kind of easier sinces I know teachers very well.

3rd Nov 2002, 20:53
what about softimage? Also where can I find a student store that sells 3DS MAX,Maya,lightwave,and softimage? I know of studica.com and jounreyed.com. But are there more?

4th Nov 2002, 12:38
and would someone please explain the cons,pros, and learning curve for for softimage and 3D studio max? It would be great :)

4th Nov 2002, 21:55
3DS Max..

1)Learning Curve - It actually is pretty easy to pick up the general basics, but not as user-friendly as Maya, but more than Lightwave. It takes some time to learn all the concepts and terms and such.

2)What's Impressive - Good for animation, really good, and versitale, I think animation is the main thing about this program.

3)Cons - Not as user-friendly as Maya, nor as powerful.

Sorry, I've never tried Softimage, although I've heard good things, I think I'll take a look into it.