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30th Oct 2002, 22:58
There are three guns I haven't been able to find, and they are; the two pistols ( with silencers ? ) that are facing each other on the wall in the shed and what looks like a modified M16 with a scope on it. Where are these guns ?

- I had one heck of a time getting the Custom Sniper Rifle .300 mag from the snipers in the snow field. I shot , and killed, a couple of tower snipers with the crossbow but the guns would fall to the snow and dissappear...it sucked. I finally got one at on the next level at the snow castle -- with a lot of luck I might add. Sometimes the guns fall inside the tower room but rarely fall outside onto the rooftops and then onto the ground.

- I also noticed, if your guy is to close to the target, he will bash the AI with the butt of the gun, but the book doesn't mention a word about this action.

- One other thing. The first time through, on the level 'Return to St. Petersburg', the first "Brother" I killed... he had another type of sniper rifle -- don't remember the name of the gun but it was in the cutscene after I whacked him -- anywho... the second time I played through... the dead AI... had a shotgun instead of the rifle lying on the floor at his feet...the first time through it was the rifle in the movie :confused: Whats the deal with this ? ( For even the cutscene shows him with a sniper rifle. ) The bastard even took a couple of pot shots at me with a rifle while I was outside. At first I thought there was another one inside but the map and a complete search of the building revealled no other AI in the building!

- Oh yeah! The last video breifing has no voice on it. Is this a normal future patch thing or another freak thing I'm encountering ?

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31st Oct 2002, 01:42
As for the missing weapons......

You have to get Silent Assassin rating to get them, 1 SA rating gives Silenced Hardballers, 2 SA rating get's sawn-off shotgun, 5 SA rating get's the M4.

31st Oct 2002, 03:36
I forgot about the sawed off shotgun. Yeah, actually four guns missing if you count the two silenced ballers.

Not any serious problems running the game -- it's only crashed to the desktop twice. XP is driving me nuts though...the damned OS has been locking up tighter than a drum recently. I'm not sure if its new drivers that are causing the problem or something else. I wish I still had windows 98.....never had any problem with that OS. XP really sucks in my book.

LiL Goten
2nd Nov 2002, 21:40
Okay, with that aside, wheres the cruxifix :rolleyes:. Haven't found it anywhere.

The Basilisk
3rd Nov 2002, 04:13
M4 spoiler:

You can get the M4 easier in the level Motorcade Interception. The UN Guards have them. Either wait for one to get caught in the crossfire, or I've heard you can fibre or anesthesize them without failing.

3rd Nov 2002, 20:04
I played through the first mission again without getting the silenced hardballers. What's up ?

Shots fired: 1
Enemies killed: 1
Saves: 2
Time 16:28
All other stats are 0
Rating Silent Assassin

The Captain
3rd Nov 2002, 20:11
Don't shoot anyone. :p

I don't know what the running forumla, is but you need absolutely now red in the aggression 'meter' to achieve an accpetable 'silent assassin' rating to get a special weapon.

Use the fibre wire instead of guns, and never kill more than two people.

3rd Nov 2002, 21:01
The only person I shot was the target. I fibrewired one guard. :confused:

3rd Nov 2002, 22:40
I think that saving and mission duration also affect the rating.

3rd Nov 2002, 22:54
:confused: Something is screwy. I replayed it several times, several different ways with the same result. I dropped off the balcony once near Dons room, a guard ran up, unloaded a clip into me, then he walked away. I walked out of the mission, full of holes, and the stats said I was a Silent Assassin with 1 close call -- all other stats were the same. I guess if you live it's a close call. :confused: The meter is showing up a bit red as aggressive -- not sure why. I tried beating the Don over the head with the golf club to eliminate the shot but he runs off after I whack him. For some reason I can't punch anyone with my fist -- as I have read that you are suppose to be able to do that. :confused:

The Captain
4th Nov 2002, 03:24
I know for a fact, if you fiber wire only one gaurd, and the Don, you will get the Silent Assassin rank.

Spoilers for SA rank on Anthema. Try them it if you want, but you're so close, just try a little harder to be just a little more subtle about your actions, and you can get it on your own. If you give up however....

Try going through the grocery delivery boy (anethstitize his ass), quickly haul yourself over to the pool area. Wait for the Don's brother and son to walk to the right, then go through the door, and up the ladder. Cross the baclony overlooking the pool, and wait just outside the door for the Don to enter his office. Creep in and fiber wire his chubby neck, then wait for his brother and son to walk back inside, and haul his body to the roof overlooking the outside wall. Drop down to the steps leading to the cellar with his key, check the room, then walk out and (maybe) you will see the delivery boy in his johns delivering groceries. Show your face, and he'll run, leaving you the goods. Just pick them up and walk past the gaurds at the door you came in through the wall originally, then haul ass to the exit.

On Expert or Professional, you'll need to anesthitize the delivery boy, and then fiberwire the one gaurd who pratrols the outside. You can do this in the first few seconds of the mission if you're fast and precise.

Good luck.

The Captain
4th Nov 2002, 03:26
Hmmm... it would appear The Captain is retarded...

4th Nov 2002, 21:43
Retarded or not, it's still baffling having a little red in the aggression catagory. I went back to a save point thinking that running would cause the red to show up, but it doesn't seem to matter whether I walk or run, as it still shows up as me being aggressive.

Repeating stats:

Shots fired: 1 = The target
Enemies killed: 1* = Fiberwired one guard
Saves: 2
Time 13:09 = Little better
All other stats are 0 [no alerts, warnings, etc...]
Rating Silent Assassin

*The target must not be calculated as a kill.

Result = Still no Silenced Ballers :(

The Captain
5th Nov 2002, 06:57
Get through without killing any gaurds if you're going to fire a shot then. Or only using the fiberwire if you are, and have absolutely no shots fired. It's touch a shoe leather sometimes, but never too difficult.