View Full Version : Movie stutter problem

29th Oct 2002, 20:12
allright, the other topic was finished, all the problems where fixed, but only one appeared lately, and it's quite disturbing...: when the movies are being played in the game, they don't run smooth, they stop for a short time once in a while, and it's in almost every movie.

it's not the biggest problem ever, it works fine, but if this could be fixed it would be very nice...

thanks in advance

ps. for info about my comp, check the other topic, I opened a new one so it will be answered sooner and because it's something else now

30th Oct 2002, 03:46
This happened to me one time and only once..... I did several things, and I have no idea which thing fixed the problem.

I uninstall FF7.
I first went to add/remove programs, and unloaded the Video and Audio compression, inside the Window's setup, inside multimedia. I then went to the multimedia icon inside Control Panel, went to the Device tab, and unloaded everything that was left inside the Video and Audio Compression Codec (a few lines, windows wouldn't let me unload, about two of the 20-30 I had in there.). I then rebooted and then went back to add/remove programs and installed the Video and Audio compression, and rebooted again....
I reinstalled FF7....made the changes I had to make...patches and such. Changed the DXsound acceleration to basic acceleration. (inside Dxdiag). Rebooted, and it quit studdering.

I'm guessing that a audio or video compression codec was causing the problem.