View Full Version : Guard - Patrolling and Properties

29th Oct 2002, 02:13
How do you make a guard do the thing on his patrol where he looks back like he's on 2nd alert? Or how about pause (I only want one guard in the room, I found one in DromEd Central, but it had a second guard for some reason)? And how about making him non-killable? Are there any other "special, unique, or unusual" things I could do to make him do during his route ? I'm just trying to make him do stuff during his route. What does a "Lookback" and "Pause" patrol point do, becuase I've tried stuff and it does nothing.

2nd Nov 2002, 03:25
ive never made my guards pause on patrol, but i think dont quote me but i think you use aiwatch obj link to a lookback point or waypoint or something and he will pause....someone else will give more in detail description i think :)

2nd Nov 2002, 03:50
You can also use "RANDOM" to have him wander from point to point.

2nd Nov 2002, 09:16
The Pause and Lookback markers are kinda annoying. To make them work, you have to create an AIWatch link from the AI to the marker. The link tells the AI to do certain things (like stand still for a few seconds, or look around) when something happens near the marker. The instructions are in the link data.

So these markers are like regular patrol points, but they add a "watch link defaults" property. When the AIWatch link is created, it uses the data from this property for the links data. But the catch is, they're not tied together -- it's a one-time thing when the link is made.

So in a way, you may as well be using a regular marker. It's only a convenience when making a lot of points with the same instructions that you can type them once in the archetype. The links still have to be made by hand, and when you change the property you have to redo all the links.

Other than that, it's helpful to use them just so you can distinguish it from regular patrol points.