View Full Version : Level 9

29th Oct 2002, 01:57
This level is driving me nuts!! I've gotten the drunk level up to 80 some people but before the deadline the number plummets to like 40 something and I have no idea why. What's the best way to attract more people. I'm averaging just around 200, but I want more as a buffer. Please help!!

6th Nov 2002, 22:27
Can someone please help? I really want to get past this level.

Coconut Kid
12th Nov 2002, 14:56
Level 9 - Don't Leave Me Now! - has to do with keeping people from leaving while unhappy ; not getting them drunk.

Level 7 - It's A Beauty! - has the 75+ drunk requirement. It also has two other requirements (raising the Beauty Opinion and getting 200 guests). Are you getting those requirements O.K.?

The way the drunk requirement is stated, it sounds like hitting the total "anytime" is O.K. -- that is, you don't have to keep them drunk. They just have to be all drunk at once.