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Impossible Princess
29th Oct 2002, 01:24
Hey come on in... the waters great.

*cracks open a bottle of the bubbly*

HikingBoots... oh HikingBoots... u up for the hot tub again? ;)

29th Oct 2002, 01:31
*slips on cherry print bikini and cannon-balls in*
*clinks champagne sleeve*

Impossible Princess
29th Oct 2002, 01:32
Ahh memories... (not those kinds. Hehe. I dont do women!)

Puts on some Kylie... :cool: haha

29th Oct 2002, 01:34
*turns on the jets*
Anyone else wanna join?

29th Oct 2002, 03:10
::throws on boring black binkini and joins the party::

hello ladies!

pass the courvoisier :p :D

29th Oct 2002, 03:36
Always ready for water fun!
You know you can't have these without CS&P!

29th Oct 2002, 03:46
Lookin' fine Deek!
*splashes TR Chick*

BTW - IP is a guy :)

29th Oct 2002, 03:46
ohh hottub...you know us latinos..we take advantage o these situations ;)

29th Oct 2002, 17:08
Thanhkim slides in ohhhh the water is so nice here. Here have some beer on me folks and other wine. Oh you don't mind if Lara comes too. If I'm here Lara joins us too party lets party. Hey Croft have a drink!!!!

29th Oct 2002, 21:24
Originally posted by HikingBoots
Lookin' fine Deek!
*splashes TR Chick*

BTW - IP is a guy :)

:o my b! sorry IP! :p

thinks wheres cs&p!?

John Carter
29th Oct 2002, 21:26
This is not a sexy chatroom for either straights, gays, bis, or whomever. It is, again and for the umpteenth time, a nice vanilla family chatroom where kiddies who have not yet gone into puberty come to play, as well as kiddies who have passed that point.

Princess, keep it up and you'll find it Impossible to get into the forum again.

Hiking Boots, you should know better.

Thread closed. You can start another, but keep it clean.