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28th Oct 2002, 12:20
I have had little trouble with any puzzles in any of the LOK games thus far, but I am really stuck. I posted this a while ago but have not advanced since then.

I have just exited the Oracles cave and I am supposed to head in the direction of Voradors mansion BUT when I exit the cave and take the only possible path (wich is the next cave) there are two gray rocks blocking my path. Is there a power up fountain that gives you the ability to move gray rock's? You start out able to move the brown rocks.

I looked on all the LOK sites I know of but can't find a list of the fountains or what they do.

Please help me I've quit playing BO but I don't want to. I've looked everywhere for another fountain I may have missed or another path to V's pad but can't find anything.

Shadow Man
28th Oct 2002, 12:56
I can't really remember that part but you probably need a strengh upgrade, here are the locations:

1. After getting the Energy Bolt spell move on to the town of
Nachtholm. You can't enter the town, because three small
boulders block your way. No problem, just change into
lupine and walk a bit back, jump on the hill, enter the
cave and drink from the Blood of Aegis. These fountains are
located throughout Nosgoth giving you a special power
(strenght, rain resistance etc.). Now you can push the
boulders away and enter Nachtholm.

2.You can see Vorador's mansion, but you must walk, because you need the 'control mind' spell to get to Vorador and there are other items on the way, (like the blood fountains). Exit south. Look on your overhead map. You'll see two caves and three small dungeons. First go to the two caves, in one there is a bloodfountain which increases your strenght. (as well there is a crack in the wall at the bottom left of the map, it has a small little piece of land around it, if you walk into this in mist form you have found the secret back entrance to the energy bank spirit forge, just thought I'd throw this in).

3. Spirit cave walk south and drink from the bloodfountain in the cave you can enter. It will give you more strenght (now you can push big grey boulders).

I'd say you need the second one. Hope it helps.:)

30th Oct 2002, 05:03
Thanks alot! I will try all of that.