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28th Oct 2002, 01:52
What are the different ratings, and what criteria are used to determine them? So far I have only gotten Cleaner and Natural, but I didn't try to avoid killing guards and such; just went it guns blazing. Effective, if not subtle.

3rd Nov 2002, 09:11
As near as I can tell, the goal is to kill as few people as possible. I have had ratings of Ninja Extraordinaire, Proffessional, Executioner, Cleaner, Button Man, Mass Murderer, Psychopath. These are listed from best to worst (from the amount of bodies laying about).

The Captain
3rd Nov 2002, 09:37
Worst? Nah. They're just rankings. Try getting a mass murder rating on Professional. Not quite such an easy task since it requires a minimal ammount of 'stealth', least you get the psychopath rating. Go through with silenced ballers and you're liable to end up getting to "low" of a rating to accomplish being a mass murderer.

7th Nov 2002, 18:34
If you are to be "Silent Assassin", (the best ranking), you must

Not kill more than one enemy (beside the target(s))
Not fire more than two bullets per enemy killed. (If you kill 0 you can still shoot 2 bullets, I think)
Not have more than one alert
Not have more than one close encounter