View Full Version : Thief on-line???

The Rock's MRS! UK
28th Oct 2002, 00:06
I was reading through the forum, and do you guys play Thief on line?
If so how??
And what does the game involve?



28th Oct 2002, 01:34
It is called *Thievery* A multi-player Thief. Using the Unreal Tournament Engine. It is a lot of fun, Leatherman has a great server to play on.
Start here. http://www.thieveryut.com/
You'll need to get Unreal Tournament, then DL Thievery, and some patches.
There are also various threads with information in the past about Thievery.
This will get you started, if you have further questions, we can help ya along. :) If you interested, come and join us!!
Leatherman can supply you with the information you will need if you would like to join his server.