View Full Version : Finally got past the spinning CD icon of death

27th Oct 2002, 16:09
I bought this game yesterday, loaded it, watched the icon change to a spinning CD, watched the screen go black, then watch my pc crash.

So, I upgraded the drivers and tried again, same result.

I'm running a P3-533, 256mb ram, GeForce4 TI4200.

A buddy of mine told me to modify one of the directx settings, so I pulled up that app, made the modifications, and was able to get the game working....here they are:

1) Startup DxDiag (program files/directx/setup)
2) DirectX version should be 8.1 - mine also says
3) Click the Sound Tab
4) Move the Hardware Sound Acceleration Level slider bar to "Standard acceleration". Mine was originally on "Full acceleration".
5) Exit out
6) Startup the blood-letting

Good luck, and I hope this will work for you if you need it!