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27th Oct 2002, 14:07

I have been enjoying Thief 1 en Thief 2 so many times and still cant get enough of it...
For me the best pc-games ever so far. Never experienced
such addicting gameplay in another world.
Absolutely great formula!
Ofcourse im really looking forward to Thief 3.
I know about the FM's but for me the real game is still superb setting.

But now i was wondering if its worth to buy Thief Gold since
i heard its only 3 missions?
I would like to hear feedback on this...if possible.

Thanks in advance,


27th Oct 2002, 14:19
The 3 new missions are great, expecially the Opera. There is also a 4th new mission, it's a funny visit fo Lord Baffords..... (with zombie-ballet, attaking footlockers....)
Some changes in the Thief 1 missions.
I think it is worth. If you have the chance to get it, then give it a try. :)

27th Oct 2002, 17:21
Many of the Thief 1 missions have been updated.

So yes, it is worth it, if you can find somewhere to buy it.
I only know of second hand copies being available.

27th Oct 2002, 17:38
Yes, I agree with the others, make the effort to find Thief Gold, it is out there. There are on line stores that do carry it. Try Bizrate they list stores that do carry it. Just checked the other day, 2 stores do have it in stock.

As for the FM's. You said you *KNOW* about them, have you played them at all? You MUST play them, there are well over 200+ FM's to choose from. And will definitely keep you entertained till T3 comes out. The FM's and the dedicated authors are the reason Thief is alive and kicking in the community, keeps the spirit alive. Gives us something to talk about, debate about, and have fun with everyone. :)
Many have surpassed the original missions as for as design goes, many new things to see, play with, some of the architecture is even better, new AI skins. Come on, what are you waiting for, go get them. ;)

28th Oct 2002, 14:34
Is it possible to get T2 anymore... Mine is about worn out...

28th Oct 2002, 16:29
Ycatx, oh yeah T2 is still out there, in fact it is probably easier to find than Thief gold. Check some of the online stores, like EB, a few of them have it in stock.

Also check out a thread I started in the tech thief forum, about running my T2 disk, some interesting information there. Check it out. ;)