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26th Oct 2002, 18:19
The Restored Cathedral v1.1 is here at last!

Click here for Download Page (http://www.rcl-software.org.uk/download/thief/missions/therestoredcathedral.html)

Click here for Screenshots (http://www.rcl-software.org.uk/thief/missions/cathedral/restored/)

This is a major update. It has:

Much much dimmer lighting than before. The rooms are now nice and mellow, with plenty of shadows to hide in.
Far more guards. On maximum difficulty, you will be hard pressed to get by without killing anyone, but it can be done.
A lot more loot. Now you can collect over 2000g.
A completely new ending.
And ... the cloister area has been transformed into a vast open garden area.

So - ready your blackjack and let the mayhem begin.

PS: A big big thankyou to all my beta testers!

26th Oct 2002, 21:18
Now also available from the Cheap Thief Mission Downloads (http://lserv00.math.uh.edu/thief/missions/) page.

27th Oct 2002, 06:40
The screens really look nice "Z" and though I don't play TG that much...I shall get this one for sure to put in my missions folder for it :) I don't know about your idea of it being darker though, LOL I sure do see a lot of lighting in your screens and a whole lot of torches around :eek: :D Congrats on getting this one finished and polished up and will be looking forward to the next installments of the "Cathedrals" Ta and Good Hunting!

27th Oct 2002, 08:15
LOL Huntress, those screens were made brighter for the website.

I'll be doing some new screenshots, with 'before' and 'after' screenshots comparing this FM with "Return to the Cathedral".

27th Oct 2002, 13:20
To all taffers:

Give this one a go. You might not even bother with the load out screen if you are a good sneeker. I made it through using two water arrows a few moss arrows and 'ol thumpy.


27th Oct 2002, 15:20
Nice work there, SlyFoxx.

To get all the loot without killing anyone, I think many people will need a few blashbombs, moss & water arrows, and a lot of patience. Like I said, it can be done, but it ain't easy.

My stats (knowing the mission inside out):

On Highest Difficulty Level:
Total Time: 51 Minutes 17 Seconds
Found 2288 Loot out of 2288
Locks Picked: 5
Back Stabs: 0 Knock Outs: 26
Damage Dealt: 27
Damage Taken: 0
Healing Taken: 0
Innocents Killed: None, and Others Killed: 0
(No bodies discovered by enemies).

28th Oct 2002, 03:53
The gameplay in this version is much better than the first version. Requires a little violence, though. Job well done.:)

It is quite some trick to BJ that guard by the left gate going in (Hardest skill). I couldn't sneak up on him, so I just gave him a broadhead. I imagine you could make him chase you all around to the back, get up on that ledge, and hit him when he starts walking back. Is that what you all did?

EDIT: I just went back and BJ'ed that first guard. Took a lucky timing of his rotation. I did not remember that rotation before, or I missed it.:)

The two hammers in alcoves overlooking the dining room table are another problem. No sneaking there. I don't see how they can be BJ'ed without flashbombs or perhaps another long chase-and-hide.

Sly and Zaccheus, please tell me how you did it.:)

EDIT 2: I figured it out. See below.

28th Oct 2002, 06:03
Yes those two guards in the dining room have me stumped so far...and I've left them alone at this point. My only choice I guess would be to try and use flashbombs and or noise arrow to make them go the opposite way so I could run in and make a quick grab of a few trinkets...but doesn't seem worth the effort to me :D So they can have their gold goblets...LOL, I've got everything else pretty much...and I've been all 'OVER" the place. However, I am stuck for a couple of things... :( How to get into the skull and open the door in the basement? I have the rosery...but it didn't work for either place and I got the holy water...for what?

That guard at the front gate...even though I originally did my crouch and get out of sight quick to see what might be going on...he spotted me right off..and so I ran around with him chasing until I could dodge into a dark spot (although very momentarily as he was right behind me) but it was enough to pull my sword...then I came back out at him and had a little fencing lesson ;) I won with minor damage on that score :) He was easy compared to some of the others!!!! I think a real stickler was getting upstairs in the Cathedral to the room with the barrels and the guard coming across that wooden walkway and into the room...I tried several different times and each time, even though I got in un-noticed and hid behind the barrels...he knew each time I was there...uhh uhh :( Not kosher! He never should have known...except he was programed to know. By the way, I'm playing Hard mode.

The only other Hammer still kicking is the one outside on the balcony. Opening the door I could see he had nothing to pick and didn't spot any chests in my peeking...so I left him alone. So is the skull the key to open the door in the basement? That's the only thing left that I can figure is the secret to that quest? So how do ya get it ...or what other answer is there please? Ta and Good Hunting!

By the way "Z"...the Cathedral and St. Yorda's do look really nice....good job :)

28th Oct 2002, 06:59
I got those two dining room guards without a flashbomb. Here is how I did it.

BJ'ed other AI first. Sneaked in by the door between the guards alcoves. Crept left. Got as close as possible to the left guard. Stood up, BJ in hand. Sprung around the corner and BJ'ed the left guard. Alerted other one. Ran out of the building to behind the cathedral and hid in shadow. He chased me, but not that far. Saved game and ran back after him. BJ'ed him around the entry gate.


01:00:09 (could be much faster)
6 locks
29 KO, 1 while airborne
29 damage to others
0 damage to me.

28th Oct 2002, 07:06

You have the holy water?

Read the sign on the entry to the skull room. Can be entered only by a priest. What might a priest have?

28th Oct 2002, 07:24
:rolleyes: OK Peter...thanks :) Yea I guess a Priest can have more than just a Rosery...so I guess there's a first time for a different use of "that" item, LOL I was really thinking I was going to need that for something down in the basement waiting for me :D but then maybe that's why I've got a couple of fire arrows???? Guess I'll find that all out a little later though as I'm downloading that monster of an FM :eek: and I'm getting sleepy...ZZZZZZ

So I bid you a goodnight and catch ya tomorrow sometime...Ta and Good Hunting!

28th Oct 2002, 13:19
Huntress, Peter has you covered. All I would say is:
At the place where you got the Blessed Holy Water from, there is a hint for where you might use it.

You are you playing on highest difficulty?
Go Huntress go!

28th Oct 2002, 19:15
I did a bit of "Yoooo hooo I'm over here!" Then run / hide / thump. I'm not much of a ghoster. :o :D


28th Oct 2002, 23:06
Well I've got 3-1/2 hrs to go on "that" download :rolleyes: LOL what dedication huh? Anyway Zaccheus..as I indicated above in previous post...I'm playing Hard Mode only :) and as usual not rushing through it so my stats will be much slower...but I've only had to kill maybe 4 or 5 others...unfortuately I had to BJ the guy to death in the kitchen...but for some reason he wasn't counted as an innocent? And of course one of my kills was the spider out in the Cloister garden :D But that darn guard on that patrol I wrote about above just finally had to get his comeuppens ;) Due to circumstances though, I had to drop one of my mines for him as I attempted to escape from him. It did work after a bit as he left to go back is when he tripped it! :D That'll teach him to mess with me LOL I haven't finished yet as I had some other things to do today...but it will get finished today sometime. Thanks for the playtime and try to break away from your new bride a little so you can finish the other two! ;) Ta and Good Hunting!

28th Oct 2002, 23:22
LOL, Huntress.
I knew my difficulty level naming would get confusing!
You say you are only playing 'hard', so I assume you are plaing 'middle' difficulty?

I had problems with those barrels on the top floor of the cathedral myself, they could be 'walked through' when I first put them there, so in DromED I had to move them just to make them solid!
I shall investigate why the guard can see you.
I always stand right next to the door, and when he walks in I blackjack him just before he sees me.
Glad you like the mission, Huntress.

BTW, there will now only be one more mission, which is v2 for Thief 2.

29th Oct 2002, 02:53
Well finally it's all downloaded :eek: Next to Calendra's Legacy...that's the largest download I've ever done I think :D Only took about 19 hours +/- had a couple of disconnects and one was during the time I was sleeping..but none-rhe-less was a long time getting it! I sure hope this thing is worth all my time ;)

Zaccheus...I guess that would have been the better way of taking care of this dude...but I was trying to hide first and get ready for him. I don't know if he "saw" me...cause I even had pushed the barrels closer to get an even better hiding cover...he just "knew" I was there? Yes, I am playing the "middle" mode :D

I went to your Webbie to see your screens and maybe you need to do some modifications regarding your upcoming FM? It does show there will be two more? Have you changed your mind again? I'm soooo confused...LOL So at any rate, I'll be looking for T2's version and thanks again :) Ta and Good Hunting!

29th Oct 2002, 05:10
Got it finished... :) Boy you sure had me spooked!!! All those water arrows and holy waters in with the Eye...man I thought I was going to have all kinds of zombies coming after me, LOL I even moved all my dead guards to places where I thought they would be away from where I was going to be going to leave :D Like I dumped a couple into that little pool of water...figured they couldn't get out..ha ha really thought they were going to come back as zombies! :eek: Then as I was leaving and the Eye spoke...again I thought it was going to trigger some zombies around...so I started running the rest of the way toward the front (I was going around on the outside the way I came in...and Mission Complete came up...whew! Too much :D Good little mission Zaccheus and I didn't try for the dinning room..so I ended up with $1488, 2 backstabs, 8 others killed and 1 body discovered...that was the one guard next to the other near the alter...so couldn't be helped...10 BJ's, can't remember lockpicks..maybe either 5 or 7, something like that. Damage given about 178(?) took 5 and 5 healing...don't even ask how long...LOL So now I've got to see if that rather large FM will install for me without a problem. Read where Peter and Salvage (I think) were the two guys that said they had some trouble? Although Nightwalker said hers installed fine. I sure don't want to have to redownload that puppy! Ta and Good Hunting!

29th Oct 2002, 09:21
Originally posted by Huntress

I went to your Webbie to see your screens and maybe you need to do some modifications regarding your upcoming FM? It does show there will be two more? Have you changed your mind again? I'm soooo confused...LOL So at any rate, I'll be looking for T2's version and thanks again :) Ta and Good Hunting!

Ok, I have updated it.

29th Oct 2002, 13:37
Originally posted by Huntress
I don't know if he "saw" me...cause I even had pushed the barrels closer to get an even better hiding cover...he just "knew" I was there
That is very strange. I will have a look at it.

30th Oct 2002, 16:52
BTW, did anyone find the small round orange easter egg?

Keeper Collins
3rd Nov 2002, 23:50
Everything looks great Zaccheus. You're no Cristen S but I know talent when I see it! I will soon get my hands on this mission and then play it. Oh,and Huntress Peter? You really should'nt post spoilers. That's the allmighty Nightwalker's job!


4th Nov 2002, 03:31
Well KeeperC...don't read them then! :D back atcha! Also, her name is: Christine :) as well as: Garrett is spelled, etc., etc. It would be nice if you'd try to at least get those right? :) Ta and Good Hunting!

Keeper Collins
5th Nov 2002, 00:34
Yes,I'll admit it. Keepers make mistakes too.;) I do need to work on my spelling,not that I can't read or anything it's just that when it comes to online typing,well, ya know.:p

21st Jul 2006, 22:46
wait a sec, where do you get the rosery and holy water?

Marshall Banana
22nd Jul 2006, 04:58
Wow...St. Yora has a lot of stuff...got his own corridor, his own kitchen, his own garden, his own foyer, and his own dining room. I wish I had all that stuff...