View Full Version : Headless dreatures in Mines of Margroth

26th Oct 2002, 06:29
Please, please help!!

This is absolutely the scariest part of anything except Inverted Manse and Dyer's Eve. It's terrific!

But these rather attractively-dressed headless beasts (well, manlike anyway) have me stumped. And I have a strong feeling that it can only get worse.

There are a lot of them. They always know where you are. Fire arrows, mines, flashbombs, the Gem, gas mines, do them no harm at all. I haven't tried holy water yet, but there's only one vial so that won't go far. Arrows will destroy them eventually, but before that there are a score of them bearing down on you.

Sword strokes will destroy them, but then they explode doing fatal damage. Because they take a lot of arrows to kill, timing so they explode among their brethren would be very tricky. And fatal.

They are scarier than zombies, but similar because they are so slow and relentless. Unlike zombies they seldom give up the chase.

What can I do?


26th Oct 2002, 08:18
It's worse. Even when you are hiding in the darkest corner of the mine, one of the headless (usually in a pretty red dress) comes looking for you.

You are in a maze. Lots of twisty little passages, all alike.

I think I'll go back to Zork. Safer.


26th Oct 2002, 08:19
Nightwalker, where are you?

26th Oct 2002, 13:23
Sorry, Lyril, but you've picked one I haven't actually played yet, this time! The one you're playing is a beta version that is known for being extremely difficult and buggy. There is a new T2 version that is going to be released very, very shortly, I believe around the 31st, that should be much better, though I understand it's still quite hard to play. Hopefully, someone will come along who has played the beta to help you out. If not, try posting at the TTLG FM forum, because I know there are people there who have played it and could answer your question. :)

27th Oct 2002, 21:59
So this is the T1 version?

or the T2 version I just released?

I get the two confused...

27th Oct 2002, 22:52
Just a little past experience in dealing with those headless beasts. Save often!! Ha. Really, when your down in the Mines, I know there are flash bombs you can gather here and there. And I hope this is correct, with this newer version. You should be able to take them out with Flash bombs. I found a few of them around. There was one spot, that had almost a dozen of them, shoot a couple of broad heads to gather them in one area. It does work, they will gather, stay hidden and start throwing the FB. It will desinagrate them. I did it a few times on my save, so I could take them out, without using too many FB. It worked for me. Good luck, hope this helps. :)

27th Oct 2002, 23:33
swing your sword while walking backwards...

28th Oct 2002, 02:48
Thanks for that. I had tried flashbombs, without any success (this is the T1 version), but I'll try the walking-backwards-while-swinging-sword technique.

Or I might just download the T2 version. Is it much different?

28th Oct 2002, 03:01

Lets see... The T2 version has 4 missions (I ran out of room that is why I abandoned the T1 version...)

And different AIs...


the link to the T2 version...