View Full Version : Please forward to tech team. Patch 1.06 has ruined ROTTR on PS4 Pro.

27th Dec 2016, 13:50
Was rocking through the game on PS4 pro 4K supersampled on Samsung 1080p plasma tv until the patch came along. Hard to believe I'm even playing the same game now. Horrendous input lag and the game looks much worse...jaggies everywhere...must have got a gfx downgrade. So very, very disappointed. Please fix or give us some way to revert back to patch 1.05. I bought digital. Tried deleting and reinstalling. Stuck with 1.06. Can't play the game in this state.

27th Dec 2016, 14:36
I recommend copy and pasting your post in the 'Rise' Technical Issues' forum. Might get noticed sooner there, and there might even be a workaround already posted in there somewhere.