View Full Version : A few questions about "The Keep."

Keeper Collins
25th Oct 2002, 21:41
Okay I'm in the Keep standing outside this cage door wiating to confront this demon,creature,monster or whatever this thing is. But we'll talk about that in a minute. First I'd like to know were this evidance scroll is that I need to use agianst our old friend Lord Rameriz.(Who needless to say had and an unfortune"accident")lol. Anyway I found his spie's home. It's the Hammer Novice who commited suicde by hanging himself in the broomcloset right? Well,what a great way to go! The scroll in his blue chest upstaris is labled "evidence". But it metions that there is another one somewere that contains even more information. Were is it? Now,about this Keep and the dark secrets it contians. I know how to open the cadge door and get down into the caves. You just take the Force Gem off and replace it with the Shield Gem. But I noticed when I take the Sheild Gem back the doors stay open. Should I bring the Shield Gem with me or just laeve it there. Will I need it later? Just one more thing. Who is this monster and what does it look like. It's not going to be who I think it is,is it?

25th Oct 2002, 22:33
First..Evidence..there isn't any other scroll..forthe sake of argument..we'll just say he has left it in a very safe place.
Second..Shield Gem..your choice..take it or leave it..You only need the Force Gem.
Third..Not very good at reading minds, so I'm not sure who you think the monster,demon, creature is.

Keeper Collins
26th Oct 2002, 00:39
I thought the monster I'm sopoosed to kill was,well,you know. Our old "friend" from Thief 1.The one who tried to shove our world into enternal darkness? Now come on. That was a dead give away of who I think this demon is. And if it is him, GOD HELP ME!

26th Oct 2002, 06:40
Well, you are half right. I only used the AI model..everything else was customized to him.