View Full Version : Soon to be one less single taffer in the city

25th Oct 2002, 17:44
Well, ladies, the day is fast approaching. That's right, Bat-mite will be married in just fifteen days from the time of this posting.

Don't cry! I will still be everyone's friend. I just won't be making that trip-around-the-world-to-meet-all-the-female-taffers vacation I had long hoped for. Oh, well.

;) :D

November 9. Yeeha!!!

25th Oct 2002, 20:16
Aaaaahhhh man, does that mean we can't date anymore? :( :p ;)
You sound happy, here's to counting down the days, and to many more happy future days with your new wife. :)

25th Oct 2002, 21:00
That's very exciting new, Bat-mite! I hope you'll tell us all about it after you get back from your honeymoon. (Well, not ALL about it, maybe!:D )

Keeper Collins
25th Oct 2002, 21:08
Congarliations! May you find peace and happnies in all your days with your new wife. Marrige is a wonderful thing.

25th Oct 2002, 22:49
My warm wishes for you and your future Bride as well Bat-mite...Congratulations and much happiness to you both!

Huntress sings..."Oh I'm getting married in the morning, Ding Dong the bells are gonna chime".... :D Ain't love grand! ;)
Ta and Good Hunting!

25th Oct 2002, 22:57
Congrads to ya Bat-mite..
I feel everyone should try marriage at least once in thier life..:D
Don't forget to bring the lap top with you on your honeymoon, for alittle Thief action late at night.

25th Oct 2002, 23:25
Congrats!! By my reckoning though, you still have enough time for a short trip to meet some of us!
Okay, so maybe that's not a good idea. But Apache's suggestion is definitely a good one. You know how dull honeymoons can be. Also, don't forget your blckjack and cloak.
May you have many happy years.

Shadow Creepr
26th Oct 2002, 01:08
Best wishes and congratulations.

A laptop on your honeymoon? I think your friends are trying to get you in trouble! LOL :D ;)

26th Oct 2002, 11:50
I hope you'll tell us all about it after you get back from your honeymoon.......................Nightwalker

Screen shots! We will want screenshots!:p

Aaaaahhhh man, does that mean we can't date anymore? ........................B.A.

Don't worry B.A. he's getting married not buried. I'm married and have all kinds of girl friends. :)

26th Oct 2002, 14:36
Congratulations Batmite! Best wishes too!

26th Oct 2002, 15:55
Originally posted by SlyFoxx
Screen shots! We will want screenshots!:p

Screenshots? LOL

Yeah, just hit PrintScreen during the wedding..http://home.planet.nl/~xcom/forum/sm/thumb.gif

26th Oct 2002, 22:38
Never go to bed mad at each other. Old saying, but its true.

28th Oct 2002, 18:39
Thanks, all!

Laptop for late night Thief on the hoeymoon, eh? Well, there very well may be some groping in the dark going on, but we won't need a laptop for that! ;)

We'll be in the Bahamas 11/11 - 11/15. NO WEB CAMS will be present. :D

B.A., you can always be my cyber girlfriend. ;)

30th Oct 2002, 16:50