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25th Oct 2002, 12:48
hi everyone! well, after, 8 months without playing thief , i said i'd come back till thief3 comes out ..to practice a little bit :)
so i downloaded about 15 Fms to kill my time..:)

and.. i got stuck in Lord Ashton !

here's what happened. I found all the valuable stuff , navigator globe etc. but - i got only 6430 loot , out of about 13500 the level has!!.. and i must get at least 8000!! , the level is totally clean ( everyone knocked out ) , found 2-3 secrets , but still i can't understand where is the rest of the loot!.. i read in a scroll i found in the librarian's office about a secret passage with dead bodies in it - but can't find it! also, i can't open, the big safe door, (the round one ). what's going on? am i going blind , or..really rusty?? ????

help peopleeee! :)

ps -- oops! I just saw the author - Christine- is posting here :)

CHRISTINEEEE - Heeeeelppp :)

25th Oct 2002, 13:03
Welcome back to Thief! I have a loot list posted here (http://lserv00.math.uh.edu/thief/lootlists/LordAshtonV2.html) that might help you out. It's a terrific mission, isn't it? Have fun with the rest of them! :)

25th Oct 2002, 13:28
cheers nightwalker - looking at the list , i'm surprised though - am i blind or what?! *lol* , it seems i missed 2 secret rooms - as i see in your list , i'll check em out later on today and..will see :)

yeah, i got to say it's a really good mission - but , one thing i don't really like - treasure huntiingg! it was easy knocking out everyone, but quite hard to find the loot :)

thanks again night! see u later !

25th Oct 2002, 13:43
The key for the big safe door is in the bedroom of Lord Ashton, behind the painting. There is a small lever behind the red beddrapes, it will move the painting....
Here you will find enough loot to finish the mission :)

25th Oct 2002, 13:51
damn..can't believe that..!..
must have checked there a thousand times ..!...

what can i say..pretty well-hidden then :)

i'll check it later - thanks christine!