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25th Oct 2002, 04:34
I just find this rather annoying that you cant use a sniper gun from the crouching or lying down position in order to be able to have the rifle be more 'stable' when holding... since it wobbles up and down when standing. Occasionally the simple process of looking up or down when aiming a sniper rifle is kinda annoying when the wobble of the gun is moving in the opposite direction than you are aiming.

You should be able to crouch or even lie down when sniping, or at least be able to mount the weapon against an object in front of you (obviously not a very high one), such as in the case of the Barrett m95 which even has a stand! Or even the M60, which also has a stand, not that you ever really need to setup the m60 on a stand, but its still a feature that would be neat.

Also, when you are zoomed in, i find it dissapointing that the mouse sensitivity isnt automatically toned down a bit... Also when you are FULLY zoomed in, when you move the mouse, even just a little bit, my view ends up moving a rather large amount. Its just because i have my sensitivity at maximum (the only setting that matches the turning speed i normally like in other games), since anywhere from the lowest setting and up, turning is really annoying because i would have to move the mouse A LOT in order to turn anywhere, let alone react to a threat, it may be because im using a laser mouse, but i dont have this issue with any other games. So max sensitivity is the only confortable setting in this game for me.

Although the aiming while zoomed part is not really a problem, but combined with the sensitivity does make it rather annoying when trying to get a moving target. And i dont exactly want to lower the sensitivity each time im sniping..... I liked the game though, now that i passed it, im hoping to see Hitman 3... or some more missions :P

25th Oct 2002, 13:38
It's a realism-thing. When you scope on real sniper-rifles, the "sensitivity" gets higher and they have probably not lovered the sensitivity beacause of this.

Of course, the sensitivity don't get higher, but it don't get lower either, and when all objects are "closer" a small handshake may look like a mile.

25th Oct 2002, 16:44
You can crouch while sniping. It will noticably decrease the crosshair motion.

{Edit}I agree, a prone position would be a nice feature. Hopefully, if there is to be a Hitman 3, IOI will add a prone position. Especially if there's sniping missions or any more outdoor-woodsy foolishness like Hidden Valley or At The Gates.

25th Oct 2002, 22:19
Those weren't foolishness. They were fun. I liked the idea of sneaking around outside to get where you needed to go. Too bad they didn't just string it together into one big level though. It would have been a bit more solid that way.

31st Oct 2002, 18:20
Well sure, a 'realism' thing would be good, except for one thing... like i said my mouse sensitivity is very high, but if i lower it when im sniping, its nice and smooth, and well.... no more 'jumping a mile' when i tap the mouse slightly to the side... and alot easier to aim even with the bobbing up and down since a tiny movement no longer jumps a huge distance - as would with my normal setting which is max sensitivity.... so the realism thing on their part makes it look as if they didnt realize the sensitivity effect while sniping.

I wonder if it is possible to bind a script to a key that would automatically lower the sensitivity when im sniping, and back up again when im done.... or even do it the simple way of binding one key to a low sensitivity and another to a high sensitivty...... im gonna go look into this...

But as for sniping while crouching.... uhh... how did you do this? This just sortof came to my attention now: unless of course you used that key which 'locks' in your crouched position until you hit the key again... i cant say ive tried that yet, but im gonna have to.

31st Oct 2002, 18:26
Um... how do you crouch? Just hold down the crouch key. Kinda like, "how do you walk forward?" Hold down the walk forward key.

If you do it after you've scoped your sniper rifle, you'll see your sniping field visably lower. If you do it before, you'll see L'il Tobias crouch down. Um... what's the default Crouch key... I dunno. I have mine mapped to Keypad + in my crazy key-scheme. But, just hold it down and take out your sniper like you normally would (right-click to call up your menu, select your sniper rifle, left-click to scope, left-click again to fire).

Also, if the breathing-movement bothers you to the point of distraction (especially if your mouse sensitivity is set really high), there's a cheat that will hold the sniper rifle perfectly still.

31st Oct 2002, 19:38
Oohh no, lol, i know HOW to crouch, hehe... just that, ok let me try to explain here.

Ok, whenever i crouch, in order to keep crouching i have to keep holding down the button right (mine happens to be the right mouse button)? Well, i choose the sniper gun, hit fire, that zooms me in, and ok im off right? but problem now occurs, i am no longer crouching... the moment i zoom in my guy stands up and i snipe from the standing position, even IF i am still holding down the crouch key.. now, once i hit crouch again, he gets out of the zoom mode and back to normal standing position.

Whenever i am using the sniper gun, or binoculars, after i zoom in, hitting the crouch key will zoom out back to normal... Assuming this is normal behaviour....

Anyway, after passing the game i lent out my cd to a friend so i wont be able to try any of this stuff out... but i forget, there IS a option that lets automatically HOLDS the crouch position? like hitting the key once would have you crouch without having to hold it, and hitting again would undo it? Anyway, stuff to try out once i get me cd back.