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24th Oct 2002, 21:26
Sneaks detailed explaination of this isn't in the archives of the old forums, the last page was deleted. I can't find a detailed explaination of how to do it. Does anyone know how to find one (this does apply to my FM, just don't ask). I know how to get in the banner on the side you start (I've accidentally done it a few times in FMs), but getting through it is my problem.

Old Man
24th Oct 2002, 22:49
Peter Smith should pipe in here. I never did get completely through to the other side of either banner. IIRC, Peter Smith did. And perhaps Sneak also.

24th Oct 2002, 23:04
I can get on the other side of a banner, but then I can't get out of it. I've tried rope arrows, jumping, leaning, crouching, sliding and all types of combonations. I really hope he pops in!

25th Oct 2002, 04:22

Here is a repeat of my PM, for the benefit of others who may be reading. I corrected an error in the PM - the Port side is actually more difficult.

I didn't see this post until Old Man told me about it. I don't check the Dromed Designer's Corner so often as some of the others.


Look in the Thief FAQ / Archive / Link section (link at the top of every major forum section). Find the link to "Thief 2 Ghost / Perfect Thief Results." Look there for Shipping and Receiving. There is a ghost report by Sneak that gives a summary of the method. There is also quite a lot of detailed discussion in another link, "Shipping and Receivng, Perfect Thief or Master Thief." Maybe the exact set of moves is documented there.

This is not a reproducible phenomenon that applies to all banners. In the case of Shipping and Receiving, its success depended on having a sharp angled wall behind the banner. This was needed more to get out than to get in.

It took a long time to work it out, in bits and pieces. Old Man finally came up with instructions on a method that were repeatable in Shipping and Receiving. Note that the port and starboard side banners are slightly different, with the port (left) side the more difficult of the two.

I was the first one, and maybe the only one (I can't recall), to make it all the way through a banner to the other side. I did it several times and succeeded on both sides. As I recall, the Port side is easier to pass completely through because of the help you can get by rebounding from corner by the table. The basic technique described by Old Man just got you far enough in to frob the chests, but you were still stuck in the banner, just protruding more on the inside. Passing completely through required some exceptional luck with energy supplied by twirling on ropes. Putting two ropes near to one another helped a lot, as did working close to the corner, where rebound energy from the wall helped. There may be details in the Shipping link - I don't recall.

Lytha also posted a thread on keyholing, which was mentioned on this forum recently. Maybe you can do a search and find a link. The techniques are related, I think, and maybe you can experiment with them and come to some more general conclusions.

Good luck, and let me know how you do.

25th Oct 2002, 04:41
I just checked the FAQ / arvhive section, and Sneak's complete writeup is definitely there, in its entirety, on page 4 of the Thief 2 Ghost / Perfect Thief results thread. Nothing has been deleted from there.

As I look at the other thread, Shipping and Receiving...., I see that the thread was closed by GM. Pages were not deleted. There was once a continuation thread, but it seems to have never been archived, so it is lost forever.

Sneak's writeup in the Ghost thread contains a description of how to do it, near the end. It is quite long winded prose, but the steps are all there.

EDIT - I also found a step-by-step description in the Shipping... thread by Old Man, but I think that the one in Sneak's writeup is more recent and detailed, and more foolproof. Getting in to frob the chest is easy. There are a lot of steps needed to get out. I just reproduced the basic transmigration on the Port banner, the more difficult side, and it worked using the procedure in Sneak's writeup.

27th Oct 2002, 02:14
I have developed a new techniqe for passing completly through a banner. See this post in the Missions section: Banner Transmigration Perfected (http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=8250).:D