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24th Oct 2002, 03:15
This mission is one of the best Thief FMs ever, period. :)

I've played a lot of missions in my chronological campaign. Most of 2001's FMs have been, for me, extreme and admirable design effort with little heart and soul. Many designers trying to one-up each other, and to present labyrinthine difficulty for the player, at the expense of story and gameplay. Not so with this one, an instant classic.

Who is this Shadowspawn; what else has he/she created ? Why was I not notified of this genius' existence ? :D

Take the best Thief map possible(Assassins), add a wide-open gameplay design, totally realistic storyline, varied levels of play, ability to elevate/delve, ability to get completely lost on the map, airtight design(I tried to break the game by doing things out of order, to no avail).....mix it all up with a big wooden spoon, and you have a masterpiece.

Complete immersion. I went in shops, poked around, realizing that not all stores carry cash after hours, slunk out, and went quietly into the next store......the brothel and the burrick dilemma.....the moving target of Lorgan.....decision making time at the party......deja' vu at Narkus' place.......those claustrophobic alleys, nooks and crannies......and those wonderful ways to climb up and about......realism quotient is 110%. :)

I was amazed by this mission, and obviously a bit star-struck. I missed more than 500 loot, and spent 4 days playing this mission on all difficulties once each. 16 hours over 4 days, with a final time of just under 2 hours on the highest difficulty. I ghosted much of this mission(and this is one to sink your teeth into if you are a ghoster), but I also went on blackjack sprees with careless abandon, and the gameplay and story and logic all held up regardless. Something for everyone.

This is one of the few FMs that I freely declare will get as much replay time from me as the OMs.

Thumbs up to Shadowspawn ! And a Gold Hammer(not worth much on the open market) from clayman ! :)

24th Oct 2002, 03:56
Well that's quite a high tribute there Clayman...and I gather you liked it? LOL You've certainly peaked my interest as I hadn't taken notice of this one for some reason? If it's for T1/TG probably why I haven't? If it's for T2 (and I'll check Cheap site) then I'll certainly give it some thoughts for downloading soon :) I do have a couple of others waiting for play but just haven't gotten back in the mood yet...taking a rest from Deus Ex although I'm not finished with that yet either. I am in the level of Entrance to Area51 and trying to figure out how to deal with my enemies that are on the other end of this tunneled passage way on one side and a Bot/Commando/Turret etc on the other :(
:eek: OH well...anyway that was a nice write up you gave Shadowspawn on his FM and just hope he's still around somewhere to see it? Again, did you check out TTLG's FM site to also put something over there in case he doesn't come to this side of the world? LOL Ta and Good Hunting!

24th Oct 2002, 04:28
When I first started playing this FM, I thought, "Oh, crap, some newbie just copied a Thief OM and wants to pretend it's theirs." But once I started to move around, found the author had fleshed out all the buildings, added sewers, added entire sections, then this mission became so much more huge and interesting. Although much of the street layout was duplicated, there was so much added to this mission that it easily became a unique mission.

24th Oct 2002, 12:40
L's.R is a classic.

A must play.


Prevents warts and B.O.

Will make you more attractive to the other sex.

Has plently of deer legs for munchin'.

.........What more do you want? DL this puppy from the site of your choice. :)

24th Oct 2002, 13:27
I was one of the lucky betatesters that got to work on an early version of this mission and I loved it from the very start. It's great fun and I can tell you that, at last word anyway, Shadowspawn was hard at work on another mission. Hopefully he still is! I'll send him a link to this thread, so he can see how much you loved it, Clayman.

Huntress, the mission is for T1 and if you haven't played it, you really should give it a try. It's terrific!

24th Oct 2002, 14:45
Randy (Shadowspawn) doesn't hang out here, but I sent him the link to this thread and he was thrilled, Clayman. He asked me to pass along his thanks for the praise and is glad you enjoyed his mission so much!

The following is a quote from his e-mail to me on the progress of his new FMs, which he asked me to update you on:

The next mission, which is a direct rip off of LOTP, is going well. All the building is done (95% anyway). All the room brushing is done (1st pass). And all the custom AI are complete. Fancy magic items are under construction. I need to finish a bar and a general store. There’s only one major new conversation in this mission, a conversation with a keeper, so that shouldn’t take too long. There are a lot of special effects to work out yet, and integrate with Gaylesaver’s scripts, since I need a function which can’t be done without them. Maybe a little voice work for Slyfoxx, if he has time.

I’m hoping to release somewhere around Christmas. The title should be “Lord Fishkill’s Curse”.

The follow on “To Remove a Curse”, has lots of custom AI work to be done yet, although the terrain is done. And lots of voice work for that one.

Now you can look forward to these! :)

24th Oct 2002, 20:00
Thanks for the info Nightwalker and guess that's why I haven't gotten or played it yet....T1 FM I assume I can play it with TG without any adjustments? Good to know that he is working on another and I'm sure Clayman will be delighted :) Ta and Good Hunting!

24th Oct 2002, 20:08
Yes, it works fine with Thief Gold, Huntress. That's what I have, too. Enjoy! :)

Keeper Collins
24th Oct 2002, 20:32
Yes,this is a very good FM! I partiuly enjoyied seeing what Garret's town looked like on the inside. Allthough,I did spend most of the Mission looking for a Troll that was never there!

25th Oct 2002, 03:44
Clayman, I knew you would like this FM. I posted about it a while back, it had you written all over it. Assasins feel, yet a feel of its own.
You got me in the mood to play it again. ;)

26th Oct 2002, 02:16
Just thought I'd add the fact that I did get it downloaded last night but have to make a transfer of it over into my other machine that has TG installed in it. I figured since I have it networked to this one...would be a simplier matter to just turn it on and then cut/paste it over rather than rehook my modem into it and download from there. One less step this way and that jack is so difficult to get at as well... :D So I guess in the next few days I'll be giving it a play and find out what makes this FM tick :) Ta and Good Hunting!

26th Oct 2002, 12:41
I just had to run through this on again. It was the best yet. I got into some funny scraps and saw some cool stuff.

1) Was at North Bridge just in time to see Cudget take out the guards and open the gate. Couldn't have done it better myself.

2) Was able to BJ Lorgan while he was out walking towards the outside cafe. I was carrying Cudget back to the apartment when I spotted Lorgan. "Sorry 'ol Cud...gotta put you down here for a moment....Lorgan's gotta pay.....Be right back, just gonna make a bit of spider food outta him."

3) Was chased by a burrick into the "inventors" shop (the guy with the fancy pajamas) All the screaming and burrick gas and Garrett coughing up a lung....I thought I was gonna die! I was dying but LMAO at the same time.

29th Oct 2002, 03:06
At Nightwalker's urging, I decided to joint these forums. (I didn't even know they were around, I'm a TTLG junky).

Clayman, thanks alot. Really glad you enjoyed it. LW took so much work to get right, and it was still a little buggy in some places. I ran out of terrain brushes, room brushes, and objects. I really pushed the envelope. But it's a mission I even enjoyed playing, because I couldn't always predict what was going to happen.

I hope I can do it again. I'm trying to get "Lord Fishkill's Curse" out for somewhere around Christmas. There's just so much to do! But it's meant to be another non-linear mission with extra stuff to do and a little humor thrown in so it doesn't get too heavy.

The real story I want to tell is in "To Remove a Curse", the third mission in the series. But I couldn't get there without the intermediate mission. So I ripped off the terrain from LOTP, build the city streets (at least a facade, there wasn't even much of that), and removed AngelWatch tower (except for the outside).

Keep your fingers crossed! There's still some magic I have to invent to pull this one off...:D

29th Oct 2002, 05:19
So welcome to our side of the world Shadowspawn :) Glad you decided to join(t) us over here, LOL Thanks also for the update on your next mission, etc. I'm going to be playing LW soon and with Clayman's high endorsement I'm sure I'll enjoy it as well as everyone else has also :) Looking forward to our Christmas gift too! ;) Ta and Good Hunting!

29th Oct 2002, 12:15
Glad you showed up, Shadowspawn. :)

The gameplay and design of Lorgan's Web is one of the reasons I'm still playing Thief, long after the game's supposed "shelf life" has expired. I meant my "Gold Hammer" comment sincerely. This FM is on par with the best of the OMs. And as I indicated earlier(despite your comments), I encountered no bugs, and even intentionally tried to "break" things with no success. The mission was as tight as I could have asked for. I'm looking forward to the next two, especially the LotP map modification. Another open 3D map with a lot of potential. :)

29th Oct 2002, 17:09
Hey Shadowspawn,
Welcome to the Forum! :) And you didn't even know we were here? We must be the best kept secret in Thiefdom. ;) Stick around!

I will have to go back and have another play of Lorgans Web! Been quite a while and I can't remember it distinctly. There are so many FM's on my comp that I recently had to remove all the old saves to free up some space. It was incredible how much space was used up with those. :cool:

30th Oct 2002, 14:32
I've never played Logan's Web, but I do know Randy got some skills!!! He is the one that helped break the mystery of mesh-models...

My mission wouldn't be nearly what it is without the highly valued help from people like Shadowspawn, Yamtha, and Nameless Voice.

Shadowspawn solved many problems that crept up, and when I combined the skills of Shadowspawn, Yametha, and Nameless Voice... I had some truely unbeliveable AIs!

Thank you Shadowspawn
Thank you Yametha
Thank you Nameless Voice

(That is why I made my credits.avi in my 4mission pack...)

I got the dream, and they are my hands... :p

31st Oct 2002, 22:55

I've played Mines of Morgath at least three times. (beta 1, release 1, beta for T2, etc). You should play LW at least once. :D You can't spend all your time building, you miss out on cool ideas. Resurrecting AI, hidden wall panels (you should see the secret passages), AI that work with you, etc.

While I'm working on this stuff, I'm also trying to crack open the motion database and allow us to make custom motions. This is a bit harder than the objects and AI were...

Anyway, back to work on my next FM. Now, where did I put those rabbit AI models? Can I get this orangutang to animate properly?...wanders off mumbling to himself...

31st Oct 2002, 23:19
Guilt! :rolleyes:

I know.. I know... All build and no play makes YcatX obsessed...

LW is T1 right? I'll have to blow the dust of my T1 disk...

*YcatX looks pitiful*

Awww... shucks...