View Full Version : Need Serious Help Thames

24th Oct 2002, 01:55

Ok, Thames Warf I have used the zip line to cross over, I kill the guy with the gun and enter the room beyond. I jump to the first ledge with BREAK AWAY TILES next to it. This is the room where i will get the FLUE ROOM KEY.

Now here is where I need the HELP. Everytime :( I try to do a running jump to get over to that FAR ledge Lara never makes it. I have tried to do a roll on the break away tiles and run back to the stable ledge next to them and then the running jump sequence to the Far Ledge, but it never works :mad: because of the OVER HANGING part of the wall where she bonks her head and of course falls.

Does anyone have an idea of how to get over to the far ledge so I can get to the flue room key? :confused:

Thank you :)

John Carter
24th Oct 2002, 02:33
If I recall correctly, instead of rolling and going back, keep running down the break away tiles and jump from the end, you should barely have enough time.

Alternately, when you jump and bonk Lara's head, press "action" during the jump to lower Lara's trajectory.

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