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24th Oct 2002, 00:35
Really? I have little money and every penny counts.

24th Oct 2002, 01:55
I believe so.

24th Oct 2002, 14:32
I think it is very entertaining and worth the price.

24th Oct 2002, 21:07
RavE, I'm very picky about purchasing games. I'm one of these people who hate to waste money on games that are only mildly entertaining or have little replay value if any. So, I usually wait for some good reviews, and a little information of how the game plays out. If I think it is something I may like, based off previous experience, I'll usually pick it up. My wife thinks I'm crazy, because she is usually cool with me getting a game, but then I'm always second guessing it, until she grabs it from me and buys it for me.:p

Hitman 2 is one of those games, in my very small collection, that I truly enjoy. It has mega-replay value, and it is something that you strive to master...to get the best rating possible (Silent Assassin). I'm not quite finished (takes a while to master the SA path per mission), but I can't wait to go back and play it differently. Plus, the cheats are always fun too, just to mix things up a bit.

Bottom line, it is a really fun game...if you can forgive some of the pesky bugs. Maybe wait a month or 2 and see if they release a new version of Hitman 2, which addresses the bugs. Or, wait for about 9 months and get it in the bargin bin.

Hope this helps RavE.

25th Oct 2002, 00:55
The game is pretty buggy. I get strange screen lockups, crashes, ect. Sometimes the audio goes away when people are speaking to you. Thank goodness for subtitles in those few instances where this happened. There are a few level bugs I've read about but I never experienced any really. As far as game play goes I really liked this game. As others have mentioned the replay value is excellent since you can approach every mission many different ways. I also like the fact that, on easier difficulty settings anyway, you can either be sneaky or go in guns blazing or do a combination of the two. The stealth aspects of the game are excellent and it is possible to maintain stealth through the missions. But you can play normal FPS style and have fun too if you like. The AI is very good especially if you choose to play it stealthy. They fail a bit when you go the action route. Like many FPS games they tend to drop their guard a little too soon and even on levels where the AI is supposed to be able to communicate with each other you can get away with things you shouldn't be able to get away with. But they are pretty darn good, much better than in the first game and can recoginze you through disguises if you hang around too long. I also like the fact that it depended on the desguise and whether your face was showing or not. Also the monk levels where everyone was bald like you made it much easier for you to blend in. Those were nice touches that made the enemy feel more like real people, Very different reactions depending on location and the vocals there were very good. The average street people need a little work as they are a bit bland and repetative. Overall a very fun game to play and I really enjoyed it. I plan to play it again soon to try a few different tactics but I enjoy shootouts too much to go for the total SA badge.

25th Oct 2002, 14:48
Originally posted by RavE
Really? I have little money and every penny counts.