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24th Oct 2002, 00:10
Well lately my game crashes every now and then, but i've usually gotten around it by saving right before the crash point, and let it crash and then start over again. But I've came to a stop. I recently been on the "at the gates" level and i've done everything right and then when i approach the exit. My game acts like there is a cutscene and then immeditaly brings me to the desktop with a good old "Hitman 2 has encountered problems". Don't you love that? I don't. And it's happened everytime i do that level. I do cheat but even with the cheats off, it still happens.
I use a nVidia GEforce 2 64mb. Now i have seen other people have posted about their crashes but have done almost nothing to actually solve it. I have tried almost every aspect. If you have been expierencing the same thing as me or have an idea how this can be solved, please post.


P.S. I say we all rally together, walk over to the Eidos Studios and kick the programmers ass and be like "*****! PATCH NOW!"
Who's with me? But first answer the question above. :-P

24th Oct 2002, 02:13
First, my specs.
P4 1.6A @ 2.4 GHz
ASUSP4S533 w/ SiS645DX
512 MB PC2100 DDRAM
eVGA GeForce4Ti4200 @ 275/550 w/ 40.72 Detonators
SoundBlaster Live! 5.1 w/ Windows WDM drivers
WindowsXP Home Ed. w/ SP1

Well, at least you can play the game a bit. When I try to start up Hitman2, I see the intros, I see the title screen, I have even gotten so far as the training area... only I've never been farther.

Sometimes, it happens right after the first Eidos logo intro, sometimes during the second, sometimes during the game intro, sometimes when it's loading the title screen, and so forth.

The problem? Seemingly NOTHING. I hear sound, I see the video, but then all of a sudden I just go back to desktop. Not even an error message. No signs of anything about to happen, just POOF and back to desktop. Like I had never even started up the game. I try restarting the game after crashing, but the time it takes to crash is random (though never taking too long to happen).

I have never encountered this type of problem, every other game I have runs just dandy, and I have plenty of recent games.

Underclocking back to stock speeds, using latest official Creative drivers, using different versions of Detonators, disabling sound, trying OpenGL, lowering sound acceleration, NONE OF IT FREAKING WORKS.

What's irking me even more is that the demo ran just fine. I knew I shouldn't have trusted the same people who made Tomb Raider.

24th Oct 2002, 12:48
Since you're both using XP: Have you tried the solution suggested in this thread (http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=7780)? A long shot, no doubt, but perhaps worth a shot.

I don't have XP, so I can't try it myself.

24th Oct 2002, 14:56
I am the only user of my computer and thus have an administrator account.

24th Oct 2002, 17:19
Well, that shoots down that theory.

26th Oct 2002, 21:59
I have a similar problem. I'm running:

Athlon XP 1900 (1600 MHz)
Abit NV7133R NForce Motherboard (onboard sound)
768 MB PC2100 DDRAM
Xtasy Geforce 4 ti4400
WinXP Pro w/ SP1

My problem is a little different in that the game seems to work well, then dumps out to a hard reboot (the so-called "black screen of death"). It does this in game, during cut-scenes, and at other random times. Sometimes I'll go 20 mins without a crash, sometimes only a few seconds. Thank God IOI put the save game feature in -- if this happened with the original I'd be the hitman out after them!

I've switched my NForce and Detonator drivers around several times, trying to get a decent fix. Nothing works. I'm really at the end of my rope trying to get this damn game to run. It's great for the random but short period of time it works, but beyond that, I seem to be screwed.

Any insight as to the problem? Any hints as to when a patch might come out?


27th Oct 2002, 02:51
Well... I got my Hitman 2 to run. I'm pretty sure it involved some incompatibility in the game's anti-copy protection (I have the real game) and my computer. Weird, though, as it was the first of this type of problem I've encountered. Anyways, all I did was use a no-CD cracked game executable to run the game. Kind of a waste, though, having bought the game and having to use a no-CD crack on it.