View Full Version : Serious Bugs After Update

11th Jan 2013, 19:29
The bugs have just get bigger after the last updates.

Now the game terminated prematurely while playing, more often than before and more widespread, whether hunting, enhancing guidance or coliseum etc. The most painful is hunting where you lose everything and it dont even compensate 1 guidance which is by default the minimum guidance you are guarantee to have. I have lost a few tickets for no gd cause.

The game has been slower and it takes more time to do the usual stuffs and with this prematurely termination, it just make it worse.

Whether it is due to hackers' activities, program faults, server overload etc please get it fixed as quickly as possible. Bugs is not uncommon, but most games the developers are awared and they compensate back the players. But this game dont compensate at all.