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23rd Oct 2002, 19:24
- Two guns at once
- Fall from any height unharmed
- Shoot without recoil.

All this without cheats!

Two guns at once.
To use two guns at once, drop your silverballers and a handgun (sawed-off shotgun or pistols). Select another handgun as weapon. Pick up the silverballers. You will now take the pistol you had to your left hand and holster the silverballers. Pick up the second gun, and you can shoot with two handguns at one without reloading.

Fall from any heigt unharmed.
If you strafe off a builing, cliff etc. , and rotate in the air, you will not take damage from the fall, no matter how high. Remember to ONLY press A or D (or any other right or left-key) when you jump off, and to rotate in the air, at least 90 degrees.

Shoot without recoil.
When you double tap the lean button and take a "sidestep" you will not experience recoil on any weapon. The AK and silverballers will get really good using this trick.

I also have to say that killing the agent in "Invitation to a party" is easy. You can either:

a: Shoot him with the Deagle or something, because the guards expect a gunshot and is not alerted
b: Kill him with a knife of fibre wire if you sneak in the door he went in just before the safe is open.

24th Oct 2002, 10:31
No comments on my fabolous tricks? I'm shocked!