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23rd Oct 2002, 09:10
Apols if this has been asked before, but is this the way to get Silent Assassin:

- No alerts, not even a flicker on the suspicio-meter

- Don't kill anyone apart from the target/s

Anything I've missed? Are you ever allowed to kill any pesky guards/innocents and still get SA?

23rd Oct 2002, 15:17
You can kill a guard and still get an SA rating, although I think there's a limit on the number you can kill. Probably 1, maybe 2.

And, you can "flicker" the suspiciometer. In fact, you can't get through some missions (notably #s 4 and 8) with an SA if you don't get up close and personal with some guards who will start getting a little suspicious.

I have gotten an SA before when an Alert happened - but it was in Hidden Valley, due to the trucks running over the ninjas all the live-long day. So, since that wasn't my fault, I think that's why I still got SA. I haven't figured out if "ascribable Alerts" keep you from an SA or not. Anyone else?

Also, I believe you need to have 0 Innocents Harmed or Innocents Killed.

I think those are the main requirements.

23rd Oct 2002, 20:15
To add, you have to make the target take-down as clean as possible. I noticed that "shots fired" seems to be a part of the SA rating. I noticed this by accident and then later put it to the test.

I completed mission 1 twice, the same way...without causing any "detection" flutter. The only thing I did differently was taking multiple shots the second time around, rather than the single-shot take-down the first time through the mission.

At the stat menu, my aggression meter was higher after the second attempt at the mission, which gave me a "professional" rating, vs. a "silent assassin" the first time.

Anyone else experience this?

23rd Oct 2002, 20:59
I have heard that you can have 1 of all, but not 2 of any. This means:
One kill (enemy other than target), one alert, one close encounter.

I have also heard that the number of shots fired must not be more than the double amount of enemies killed.