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23rd Oct 2002, 03:09
How do you link a lockbox to a door so that you must unlock the lockbox to open the door, like in S&R?

23rd Oct 2002, 03:32
Originally posted by Danventry
How do you link a lockbox to a door so that you must unlock the lockbox to open the door, like in S&R?

I suggest you go to the bottom of this Forum. In the SHOW box set it for From the beginning.

There are many threads that were posted when this forum just started that are tutorials on nearly every Drom question you have asked.

You can SAVE these as text files and get much information more quickly than individual questions and waiting for replies.

KOMAG and others posted many Tutorial type hints for Dromed.

You can also use SEARCH for "lockbox" or any other such item you have a question on.

Merely a suggestion.

23rd Oct 2002, 05:15
Is it all that difficult to say "Use the link flavor 'Lock', from the lockbox to the door." ?

Also, when you want to replicate something that's done in another mission, just open that mission and copy how it looks.

23rd Oct 2002, 21:48
In all respects tBm, I have searched this and the TTLG forums and nothing turned up. Also, KOMAG only has tutorials for regular locked doors, not lockboxes, I had checked that too. Anyways I've already put a 'Lock' flavored link, so I'm missing something.

24th Oct 2002, 06:30
I just noticed that I made a mistake in my previous post.

The Lock flavor of links is backward from what it sounds. The source of the link is what is being locked, and the destination is the object doing the locking.

It makes sense in some respects, but is still a bit confusing.

24th Oct 2002, 21:23
I got it now. I had tried the Lock flavor, but did it backwards from what it needs to be.

27th Oct 2002, 21:19
Yeah, it seem backwards at first, but think of it as the door being the important thing. So you could say: "Door is locked by Lockbox", and then it kind of makes sense.

BTW, in RTC, they use a Lock link to stop the elevators from working unless you have switched on the machines in the basement. Pretty cool stuff.