View Full Version : Re : Opening Doors or Picking Locks? Help please.

23rd Oct 2002, 00:09
After i start the game in and i run around in the church, When i am 2 mins into the game.. it wont let me select the "Open Door" option when i am near door. Instead it goes to "Look through Key Hole" I hold down the "E" or action button but it wont let me select the "Open Door". So i reinstalled the game thinking it might be problem w/ installation. However after doing this now i get the Opposite problem.. It wont let me pick the option of "look Through key hole" but it will "Open the door" no problem. Any ideas Please.. because i have searched the net and have found other people haveing the same problem. Thx


23rd Oct 2002, 00:36
When you hold down the action key, you should be able to scroll through the options either using the mouse wheel or the W and S keys.

I take it that's not working? What brand of mouse do you have?

23rd Oct 2002, 01:07
Its Logitech Optical Cordless mouse.. new.. and i dont use the mouse whell to go through option.. the up and down arrows (W or S) dont work.


PS Mind you.. when i press the W or S key to select the other option.. it just wont go to the other option.. it reverts back to the orginal option (I.E look through key hole) etc.