View Full Version : No Sound: Please Help!

22nd Oct 2002, 20:27
I have no sound at all. In the main menu of the game the sound options line is greyed out so i can't even get into it to change any options. I have updated drivers. Can anyone help?

25th Mar 2003, 09:12
There's no sound in the game and in the menu with the options, the sound's grayed out. In the troubleshooting manual it says that this happens because there's something wrong with the Open AL and the game. I've got a Soundblaster SB PCI card.

How can I fix this problem?

25th Mar 2003, 09:41
I've got the same problem. Damn.

Beagle Boy
25th Mar 2003, 15:26
I do not know what the problem and i dont know a solution but try this.

Open hitman.ini with the notepad and type EaxDisable and change the line from UseEAX 1 to UseEAX 0 and then play the game.

If you still have the problem line from SoundRender OpenAL to SoundRender DirectSound.

Post the hitman.ini file here.

25th Mar 2003, 20:23
Guess what, there's no Sound Render option in my .ini file. Anyway, I e-mailed EIDOS and they said I should update my drivers and if nothing happens, change my hardware to meet the requirements of DirectX 8.1+.
I would do that for Angel of Darkness anyway...