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22nd Oct 2002, 15:49
Do u like that MTV show "The Osbournes"???
I think it´s fun Ozzy rocks.
It´s just kinda sad in a way that a great rock legend like Ozzy has become such a media-thing(?).
i dunno.... just a thought.

22nd Oct 2002, 16:25
He is such a great showman, even when he is being himself, although I do not know where the stage character and real personality crossover; perhaps there is no crossover. :D

I have not seen the series yet, however I am looking forward to it. ;)

22nd Oct 2002, 17:39
Ozzy is deservedly a star.

His kids attempting to become B-List celebs on the back of his name is appalling.

Would supermodels really have gone out with his son had the TV show never happened? Shame on them.

Would his daughter have gotten a record company deal on her own talent alone? Shame on them, too.

22nd Oct 2002, 17:54
Watched the show coupla times. Boring!

22nd Oct 2002, 19:24
i lovvveeeeeeeee the show!! its hilarious! u will find me my mum, brother and dad sitting on the couch every sunday night watching the osbournes :D its hilarious!

23rd Oct 2002, 06:27
I like Ozzy, but I don't watch The Osbornes.

One night I watched the show and found it boring. I find most "reality" shows to be boring (Survivor, Real World, Anna Nicole, etc.) It's like they put up TV cameras in MY house and filmed my every day boring life.

;) :)