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22nd Oct 2002, 01:10
Tiny can bury enemies on his shoulder if he uses bury himself and he won't get buried but the body will get buried.And when tread digs a hole you can not get stuff from the enemey but the enemy can see them under the rocks and they can not get the trapped out. try the sniper shooting through windows good from killing higher ranking people for the spy.When leaveing men for a little while hit the x and make them gaurd them selfeves.Hide bodies in water and look in building unless people chasing you.Motovla cocktails doesn't kill as many people as greades but kill more queitly. check out areas around bobwire for land mines to deactivate more at 1 throw greades are shoot them.The sniper is good in level 8 from the chruch shooting through the windows and killing other people when nessecary.

Hope that helped worked good for me i have beaten it and it came out i was a major but i got a new comp so i used cheats to beat the game with no rank but i know im a major.

22nd Oct 2002, 01:15
ps: the website is http://pages.prodigy.net/rtorres69/index.html then at the bottom click on the CMC and it got the tips and tricks on the left.