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22nd Oct 2002, 00:29
This is a bit embarrassing. I seem to have really missed a lot, and the point, of this FM. On Hard, I have 3340/3370(so I've obviously met the loot requirement), and everyone sleeps. I have put the doll in the girl's room. Can't find Margie's ring to put in C's room. Can't find incriminating evidence on Sammy. And can't find a whistle to open the secret door. I found a flute, but that won't work. This is the mission where I have missed the most objectives, but gotten nearly all the loot. What gives ? Did I miss a whole section of the mansion ? I even went back outside and searched. Help ! :o :)

For you Ghosters engaged in healthy debate, I did Ghost sections of this FM, including the guard room, the library and many other spaces. I just got a tad bored wandering about and finding nothing(I've invested 1:30 in game time and probably 4 hours real time), so I decided to eliminate the AI to allow me to search quicker. For 58 or so KO's, I netted less than 300 loot, and none of the misssed objectives above. Go figure. :)

22nd Oct 2002, 01:27
Good gravey Clayman...that's really quite a surprising post from you...so many objectives not being found...but what's worse...it's been so long since I played it, I can't remember it :( So I guess most likely you'll need to get your answers from Nightwalker or whoever else might see this post. Wish I could help..I just remember it being a pretty good FM :D I imagine you did check the archives here but what about TTLG's fan mission site in the meantime? They should have something there to help if you want to...anyway hope you get your answers soon and Good Luck as well as Good Hunting! :)

22nd Oct 2002, 02:28
clayman - I posted my ghost/perfect thief report on this mission in the "FM Ghost results part 4". Some of my details may be able to help you. I don't know if any of the items are located at a different area on Hard because I played this mission on Expert.

I believe Marianne's ring is in the mechanist chapel area on the top floor. Look on the ground by the pews next to the window.

In order to get the incriminating evidence you first need to get the whistle in order to open the secret door in the basement. To get the whistle, you have to go to the very top of the castle-like building and find a tower area with a few guards sleeping around a circular table. You need to go all the way up the top of this tower to reach an observation room with an idle guard. The whistle is resting on a table in this room.

Hard to find loot: copper coin stack on gambling table at a dead end in the basement, artifacts on desks by the mech priestess, tiara on skull in catacombs, amulet by skeleton arm in catacombs, loot in chests from the basement, mask on table in family room with marble floors, various cups and wine bottles in the tower by the sleeping guards, purse on the unconcious archer, hammer on altar in the mech church, and purses are found on almost all guards.

I have a fresh memory of this mission so if you have any other questions, perhaps I can help.

22nd Oct 2002, 11:44
Thanks Deadfall; those locations for the ring and whistle will help. I have been to both places before, must have just missed them. I remember the letter to someone asking to meet at the right window of the chapel, so I went there and saw nothing, I'll go back. Got all the loot you mentioned, since I'm 30 short, it sounds like I'm missing two coin stacks or so. Got all the pockets available already. Thanks for all the help. :)