View Full Version : Would KH2 would have been better if you played as Roxas the entire game?

10th Jan 2013, 16:31
During and after I played this I kept thinking "I wish that Roxas was the main character for the entire game" he was just a lot more fun to use and had a better backstory. Am I alone on this?

11th Jan 2013, 00:12
No, I liked it just the way it was. Roxas starring in days and Sora starring in kh2.

11th Jan 2013, 03:08
I'm trying to wrap my head around Roxas' going through KH2, and...it's making my head hurt xD

Let's say he regained his memories when he did, for what reason would he go "screw it", and try to live life on the run? I mean, the friends he knew don't know him in reality, the organization is tracking him down, and he has no allies. What would be his purpose? Sora was spurred on to find Riku and Mickey, but then that turned into stopping the Organization. Is Roxas going to dive right into the lions' den?

11th Jan 2013, 14:59
It wouldn't have made sense if Roxas was the main character in KH2, but I totally agree that he's a more interesting character, and I really hope that he comes back into play in the next KH game, it'd be a shame if he just stayed in Sora's heart for the rest of the series, and the same goes for Xion and Namine as well (well, Namine is in Kairi's heart, not Sora's, but you get the idea).

11th Jan 2013, 17:55
hmmm i guess im a bit bias since i played days first. And we had like two dual keyblade action battles which are extremely fun. As for a storyline they could have him trying to stop the organization and freeing kingdom hearts and if he was the main character he wouldnt have just regained his memories extremely quickly incially his entire goal could be him trying to get his memories back. (I know that two was made first so the whole promise thing wouldn't be in it but he could just have some other reason) and Soras not really a dynamic character like Roxas is (makes sense considering how much his life sucked). I wanted to beat the games in the order they were ment to go (BBS, KH, CoM, Days, KH2, DDD im ignoring coded) So for me after everything him dying in the first hour or two of the game was really annoying

12th Jan 2013, 18:26
I agree with you there, but like I said, Roxas isn't really dead, so it's possible that he'll come back in a later KH game.

15th Jan 2013, 19:29
I agree with you there, but like I said, Roxas isn't really dead, so it's possible that he'll come back in a later KH game.

hope so

1st Jul 2014, 16:34
Who can say? The game would have ended up being completely different as it obviously couldn't have followed the same story line. It's not about who you play as at the end of the day seeing as I had a bazillion times more fun in the brief 2 hours playing as Roxas in KH2 than I did playing as him over the entirety of 358/2 days. At the end of the day I was content with what I got, it made the small time I did play as Roxas more memorable...Plus that whole double Keyblade scene against Axel was just SICK!!! :D

4th Dec 2014, 22:10
Nah, i preferred Sora. I remember playing 2 for the very first time away back on the PS2, and i was like who the hell is this guy?