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21st Oct 2002, 21:48

I really hate to post another FF7 "Help Me!" topic, but I *really* do need help. For the past four weeks I've been trying to get FF7 to work on Windows 2000. I've read numerous forums, newsgroups, Web sites, and even IRC. I'm about to go NuTzZ! :eek:

I managed to get FF7 running to the point where it loads and plays the intro movie. But when the group gets off the train and Cloud has the fight the two blue policemen, that's where the problem starts.

As soon as Cloud is hit by one of the men or Cloud is about to hit one of the men, the game crashes; it goes back to the Desktop with no error dialog box or anything.

I know that I have to use the Application Compatibility Toolkit (ACT) in order to make FF7 work on Windows 2000. And I've tried, tried, and tried! Either I'm doing something wrong, or I'm missing some knowledge to get ACT running properly.

As far as I understand, there are three solutions to get FF7 working on Windows 2000:

1) AppFix
2) QFixApp
3) AppCompat

I've tried all (details below).

AppFix - I ran C:\Program Files\ACT\Applications\AppFix.exe and it copied some files somewhere and popped up the command prompt and immediately closed it (it was like for one second, I couldn't see what happened). I then ran FF7 and it crashed during the fight sequence. I tried rebooting and running FF7; it crashed during the fight sequence, too.

QFixApp - I ran QFixApp and chose ff7.exe. First, I selected all the checkboxes and ran FF7. It crashed during the fight sequence. And second, I selected only 'CheckWriteFileBuffer.dll' and 'VirtualRegistry.dll' (as specified by 'Check Exisiting Fixes...'). It crashed during the fight sequence as well.

AppCompat - I ran AppCompat and chose ff7.exe. I selected 'Windows 98' and experimented with the check boxes. I couldn't even get FF7 to run this time. As soon as I clicked OK, I got the following two error dialog boxes (I got the same result with the 'Windows 95' option):

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library
MSVCRT.DLL for Win32
Error: MSVCRT.DLL is not compatible with Win32s.


ff7.exe - Application Error
The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000142). Click on OK to terminate the application.

I've tried several dozen times now, failing each time during the fight sequence. I've read all that I could find. Please help! I would *REALLY* appreciate any help to fix this issue.

Computer Specifications:

Windows 2000 SP3
450 MHz (Intel)

Note: I've been running FF7 with 'Software Rendering' mode. Even though I have a 3D video card, it does not recognize it since ATI cards have a problem with 8-bit palletized textures. I tried applying the Riva patches from Eidos' Web site, and even though FF7Config accepts Direct3D support, when I run FF7 I experience a fatal crash (Windows 2000 blue screen of death, power down, and automatic reboot). But I don't mind that I am unable to use hardware acceleration. I only care that I can play FF7 on Windows 2000 and get passed the first fight sequence!

22nd Oct 2002, 16:03
An older ATI driver may work. If you had a Geforce, 3d acceleration would be possble. I can't research it, now.

As for the crash....it may be sound related. So I'd focus around that.

Try playing with the Direct Sound Acceleration settings. Type dxdiag in the run window, and go to the sound tab. Try basic, standard, and then none....maybe one will work.

Then try reinstalling the audio compression....it's in Add/remove programs, inside the windows setup tab, inside multimedia.

25th Oct 2002, 10:31
Thanks for the info, but that didn't work.

Tomorrow I'm going to reformat my hard drive and install Windows 2000 without Service Pack 3. SP3 might be the problem because I read on newsgroups today that SP3 is causing some applications not to function properly.

Hopefully Service Pack 2 will do the trick! :)

26th Oct 2002, 03:19
Well, I guess your a serious gamer. :cool:

Well if you do it, I hope it's worth the trouble. But personally I think it would be easier to dual boot with one of the older OS's Win95, Win98 or even ME.

FF7 and Win2000 is usually a hit or miss thing. I don't know why. WinXP seems to be more tolerant, but also may have problems. It's only the older Win98 and Win95, that FF7 works fine with. If it doesn't work on those systems, then it's usually drivers or off brand types of Soundcards and video cards.

27th Oct 2002, 11:52

Win98 or SE is one bad bastige when it comes to Final Fantasy VII. '98 and nVidia's 6.50 drivers do the trick; with DirectX 8.0a only, though. They hate the 8.1 version.


willl the new 30.xxx drivers work with an old TNT2U card? can't seem to find the info, anywhere, concerning the compatability list and the older nVidia cards. Up a tree here.

My Siggy uses an X-gen card and won't even recognize the game now. Leave it to the boss to move into the next-gen hardwarde...:(

Maybe there is hope....

And where is Qhimm's forum now? Still at Qhimm.com?


27th Oct 2002, 20:18
When you go to the nvidia site, and go thru the motions of finding a driver, it list TNT and Geforce together. That's good enough for me....


but here's the list, anyway....

Don't know what wrong with your DX8.1, but mine works with FF7. I wish I knew why it works on mine, and not on yours.... I can only give suggestions....Components my be the reason for the hit or miss thing with FF7. Squaresoft's first port....not very good.

Athlon 1.2
SB live value
Geforce 2 card.
DX8.1 with Acceleration set to basic.
Det 30.82

x-gen card?....you lost me there....Sound card?

You can find a small link at Qhimm.com, if you look for it.

You know I saw a PS1 for 50 dollars a few months back.....bet it's easier just going that route.

18th Dec 2002, 09:04
I got fed up with trying to get FF7 to work properly under Windows 2000/XP, so I just bought a used copy of the PSX port for $15.00 CAD and emulated it in ePSXe. The PSX port is undoubtedly the better version for three reasons...

First of all, some idiot decided it would be a grand idea to put big, wide, gaping mouths on all the character models in the PC version with only a few exceptions. I just can't take Sephiroth seriously as the big, bad, evil dude he is when he's walking around with his jaw hanging open at all times.
Secondly, the PC port seems to have fell in the hands of some censor-happy morons, and as such, every swear word in the PC port is bleeped out. Cid just isn't the same without his priceless "SIT YOUR ASS DOWN IN THAT GODDAMN CHAIR AND DRINK YOUR GODDAMN TEA!!!" line.
Last but not least, if you use a PSX emulator like ePSXe, you're not restricted to playing in either 320x240 or 640x480 like you are in the PC version. With Pete's OpenGL plugin set up correctly on ePSXe, FF7 looks better on ePSXe than it does on a real PSX.

Your computer is obviously not even CLOSE to being powerful enough to run a PSX emulator at a decent speed, but if you're planning on upgrading that ancient machine any time soon, this is an option to keep in mind.

19th Dec 2002, 20:22
You must be a P4 user.

This 1.2C chip is equal to about a 1.6 P4 with a little FSB OCing. And ePSXe runs fine, but why would I want to buy another game of the same thing....that I've shelved about a year ago? Besides, you get a lot of gitter with ePSXe, at least I did with FF9 and CC.

Geez, I barely remember this post.....what has it been? about 2 months ago?

20th Dec 2002, 00:10
Originally posted by Rengar
You must be a P4 user.

You talking to me? If so, I'm an Athlon XP user, thank you very much. Not that that really matters seeing as the video card is by far the bottleneck of gaming performance. My GF4 Ti4600 is more than powerful enough to handle anything I throw at it, with the exception of the Doom III Alpha, of course.

Originally posted by Rengar
Besides, you get a lot of gitter with ePSXe, at least I did with FF9 and CC.

I don't know what the problems with FF9 are since I don't have it, but there's an option in Pete's GPU plugins called "G4 Polygon Cache" that apparantly fixes the graphical bugs in FF9's battle scenes when enabled.

As for Chrono Cross, just use one of Pete's hardware GPU plugins and set the Framebuffer Access option to "Graphics Card Reads and Moves" to fix the problems with transparencies, motion blur and other glitches.

23rd Dec 2002, 01:58

Mentioned above about DirectX 8.1 not working with the 6.50's on a TNT2 under Win98. Actually, the movies wouldn't play. DirectX 9 solved that little problem. Also fixed a few problems with the game controller, too.

Somewhere on Microsoft's Website, there is a mention of DirectX 9 and Windows 2000. Someone with Win 2000 might want to try it.

23rd Dec 2002, 17:01
That thing on Pete's driver....it highlights the character's name when it's their turn.

The graphical glitch happens when your walking around (the battle part looks fine). The characters....shift (is the best way I can discribe it.) Their form shifts around as if they were very being viewed in very large pixels. Crono Cross did it, too. Those are the only two games I've ever emulated, though.

Pete had said that it is fixable, but it would require special filtering for each game. Something that he was not willing to do. He said it would be like making a driver for each seprate game.

...I wonder how many people got the sucky ending on Crono Cross, Before seeing the real ending.....Planescape Torment was like that, too.

19th Jan 2003, 10:35
I never played Chrono Cross, kicking myself now that I can't find it.

28th Jul 2003, 01:41
Hey guys, I've usually played FF7 on Win98SE without any problems whatsoever, but recently I had to upgrade to Win2000 and I'm having some trouble. I read somewhere that there was an 8-bit palleted texture problem with Direct3D and Radeon cards, but I'm not sure what all that means. I've got a Radeon 9000 and I see where it says in FF7Config about 8-bit palleted textures and it says 'fail.' If there's anyone that knows a way I can fix this problem, please help!

29th Jul 2003, 18:42
You do realize that you brought back a topic that's almost a year old...right?

Win2000 is the hardest OS to get FF7 working on...sometimes, it just won't work no matter what you try. If it works in Software mode....then you can play with the Hardware mode part....

You don't even say if it's working or not....

As far as the 8bit pallet....the TNT patch cures that. It will change Fail into a bunch of lines, ----. But it doesn't mean it will work on an ATI card. It might...but no guarantees.