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21st Oct 2002, 21:19
...from my upcoming fanmission. It is part 5 of the Lord Ashton Series and I hope you'll like it. :)

You have to break in the castle of Sir Hrothgar to help your friend Leon.....





21st Oct 2002, 21:35
Thanks again Christine for the new screenies update...looking just fine and YOU KNOW we'll like you new mission :) Just waiting for it's release is all...LOL Continued success with it and Good Hunting!

21st Oct 2002, 21:45
Excellent screenies Christine.

I have often wondered why there are not more keeps, castles, forts or whatever in FM's. Maybe the thaught of carving a decent looking one out is a little daunting I dunno, but you seem to be doing a fine job of it. I like the choice of textures used for the hallway, and the lighting in the teddy room is beautiful indeed. :)

21st Oct 2002, 21:50
Looking VERY forward to your latest release Christine. :) Those screen shots look wonderful. Especially that bottom one, the colors coming in through the window. Reminded me of dusk, the begining of the night, perfect for Garrett. ;) They all look great.

And I must say, the little touches that you add, the objects you incorporate into your missions, makes it feel more like home! (More to steal, heh) Lots more eye candy, missions don't look so sparse. Coming close to the way a room might look. Keep up the great work. I remember when I first played the other 4 missions, I played them in one weekend. Didn't stop, kept going. :D

21st Oct 2002, 22:37
I agree with BA, Christine, that one of the things that sets your missions apart from the others are all the little special touches! The fish ponds, baskets in the kitchens, the teddy bears in the shots above. The areas actually look like someone LIVES there, which I love. I can't wait to try the newest installment when it's ready. :)

21st Oct 2002, 23:17
WOW!! :eek:

Those are great! Especially the lighting in the bedroom and the textures in the (church??).
Wow..... Wonderful.....I'm speachless!

22nd Oct 2002, 08:06
Thank you all, I'm glad that you like it. :)

@ RicknMel - it's the Hallway.... ;)

Master Garett
22nd Oct 2002, 11:34
Wooohooo!! Can't wait to play them... i allways enjoy playing yours Christine :D

22nd Oct 2002, 11:54

22nd Oct 2002, 13:13
Originally posted by ChristineS

@ RicknMel - it's the Hallway.... ;)

:o Sorry

...but you have to admit it would make a very cool church if you added some seats and an alter. :D

22nd Oct 2002, 14:14
Rick.........That's Just the hallway. ;) :eek: :D

22nd Oct 2002, 14:48
Originally posted by RicknMel

:o Sorry

...but you have to admit it would make a very cool church if you added some seats and an alter. :D

yes - you're right ;) and you are not the only one how thought it is a mech chapel....:D :p

Shadow Creepr
22nd Oct 2002, 22:46
Those are pretty screenshots. I love the last one and I also agree it looks like you could live there, it's so warm and inviting. Got any loot hidden in those sweet bears, perhaps?

Keeper Collins
24th Oct 2002, 20:45
Cristen,You've done it agian! I just can't wiat to play your new FM!
And Nightwalker and BA are right. The little touches in your FM's really separte your missions from the others.

5th Nov 2002, 22:43
The mission is out now. You can download "In Search of Leon" from Epithumia's Site (http://thief.math.uh.edu/missions/) It is in german and english language, special thanks to Kyloe for the english translation. :)
I hope you will like it :)

7th Nov 2002, 07:01
Great news Christine...I'm so glad I got back on the forums tonight to see your post about your FM ready for us :) I'm now in the process of downloading and will be most delighted to give it a play! At least, I KNOW I can play your mssions, LOL I'm afraid I'm not going to be able to get much further with YcatX's...it seems a bit too much for me to try and play it :( Although he's very good about responding to a players' questions and answering them...it seems to take much explaining from him in order to get through it and/or reading the walkthrough, which also seems to be quite well done...but much too much to try and play and then go back and forth on the Net to get the info :( Too bad...cause there seems to be a lot of real good creativity being done with it, but I don't want to think that HARD :D I like a challenge but not mind bending stuff!!! So again, it will be a pleasure to work on your game cause even though they're not easy...they are within my skills to figure out :D Ta and Good Hunting!