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21st Oct 2002, 21:11
Just thought I'd pass on my latest news regarding another card. I know it's limited somewhat but it's what I can do for now in upgrading with my board and OS limits...mainly OS! I have found on the Net via Pricewatch...a Retail ver. of the ATI 8500LE 128 DDR for a total of $135...being delivered tomorrow via UPS ship free. Got stuck for Taxes, LOL so the card was actually #126. Not too shabby :) At least the one good feature is that it is supported by WINXP still...so whenever I finally do have to give in to it...it will still be very usable :) ATI did recently release a new set of drivers for NOLF2 but they were for XP/2000..so there is hope for other releases...like T3/Deus Ex 2? LOL

So anyway, I'm giving my current ATI to my Daughter who is in real need of a newer card as she has a TNT2 16mg I think? But she has choppy play when playing Alice...and would also get it with Thief/FM's, so she should see some good improvements with mine. Her CPU is around 400 I believe...but with the card boosting performance...I think she'll be happier when playing.

I'm also considering on getting another CPU as I can use up to a 1.2gig Duron on my board (actually it supports a 1.2 Athlon) but since they have similiar silicon I believe it should work as well as my 950 has due to the silicon config. I found one again on Pricewatch for $49 and would be a very reasonable price as well. With these two componets...I should be good to go for decent play with the games to come I want to get. At least I better be :D Huntress has her fingers crossed, legs, toes, eyes...whatever works! LOL Ta and Good Hunting!

21st Oct 2002, 23:22
Congrats Huntress. Hopefully I will have a happy story like yours of my own in the next 6-12 months. My poor widdle PC just can't take it anymore.

21st Oct 2002, 23:45
Good for you Huntress! The Radeon 8500 and Geforce 3 cards will meet the minimum requirements for Thief 3. Anything less just won't do.

As for the Duron/Athlon consideration, stick with a Duron if you upgrade. The power supply would most likely not work well with an Athlon and your computer might become unstable.

21st Oct 2002, 23:49
Congrats Huntress! If the darn thing doesn't take I got a BFH that'll get it's attention. :D

Hey Rick, if you want a cheap computer with a lot of punch (?), watch the Newspaper fliers for Aldi Food Stores, sometimes they offer really low prices on computers.

22nd Oct 2002, 00:40
Thanks guys...appreciate your good wishes :)

LM, I do intend to stay with the Duron as I said my board will support up to a 1.2 Athlon but also will be compatible and should support 1.2 Duron as well...as it does support the Duron on paper to an 850 but I have the 950 in it as the Techs told me when I got it that it would be fine in it cause it's similiar to the Athlon..therefore I feel it should be OK too? Anyway, it's such a low cost now that I feel it's worth a try. I'll also be getting a retail version of it and will come with it's own heatsink/fan I believe as well...just wish I knew how to use and apply that thermo stuff I read ppl talking about and using it for extra sealing cooling measures?

I was lucky in getting this card cause it was hard to find...most everyone else has OEM versions and then when I saw the post for this one, it was done on the 15th and I ordered it on the 17th...wasn't even sure if they still had any. But the next day got the receipt of my order but said it would be a stock check...then later I got my confirmed Invoice and said it was on it's way :) Another place also had it advertised but on BO and didn't know for sure if they were getting anymore...so I said thanks but no thanks :D

The only other thing is regarding the Powerstrip I have in my machine and what if any changes I should make before I install the new ATI? I guess I should put everything back to defaults before I pull the card..any ideas anyone about that? Then uninstall the drivers, etc. for the current card...then shut down and pull the card? I know I'm getting into tech questions now but since I'm here...this is as good as any to add these questions I hope? LOL Ta and Good Hunting!

22nd Oct 2002, 01:07
Aldi's = Computers :confused: :eek:

22nd Oct 2002, 03:11
I'm not sure if I mentioned in here that I built the kids a new computer recently for CN $400. I used their existing hard drive, CD drive and sound card and a TNT2 32 meg vid card I had lying around (that can be upgraded later).

I got a case with a 350 W power supply, Asus A7S333 motherboard, Duron 1200 and 256 MB of PC2100 DDR RAM. So now their machine is a lot faster and more beefy than mine, and essentially brand new, for not very much money. It was my first homebrew, and booted up first time with zero hassle.

I paid about $130 for my GeForce 2 64 Meg card that's in this machine a while ago, but they're a lot cheaper now. If the mood takes me I might pick up one for the kids: or they might get this one when I start building my new uber-machine!

Anyway my point, and I do have one, is that it's a good time to upgrade: stuff is super-cheap right now.


22nd Oct 2002, 04:26
Well I did it...ordered the CPU just a few minutes ago...the way it turned out price wise...I ended up going to a place here in CA for $51 plus tax...ship free for $55.21 total. The other place was in NY but even with no tax..there ship fees were too much! Both on-line stores were very nice sites and service seems to be right up there :) Names for interest of the two were Computer Giants and Googlegear in case anyone would like to check them out. Happy shopping.

Bravus...that sounds like your Daughters system is pretty darn nice now and even better than Dad's now too, LOL Ain't that grand! I know you'll be anxiously waiting for the time when you can build your uber machine and I know your getting itchy :D but hang in there...it'll happen soon I'm sure :) Ta and Good Hunting!

22nd Oct 2002, 09:53
Originally posted by LeatherMan
The Radeon 8500 and Geforce 3 cards will meet the minimum requirements for Thief 3. Anything less just won't do.


This sucks :mad:
I am in a process of acquiring new system myself. (p4 2.4 GF4 128 Mb ti4200, 512 mb ram). I mean if t3 won't play on it with all gfx features enabled, they can shove it up their [bleep]. :mad:

22nd Oct 2002, 12:43
Originally posted by Xcom

This sucks :mad:
I am in a process of acquiring new system myself. (p4 2.4 GF4 128 Mb ti4200, 512 mb ram). I mean if t3 won't play on it with all gfx features enabled, they can shove it up their [bleep]. :mad: Relax, you will be fine. (Ha ha, the moderator got bleeped :p)

Just don't get the GF4 MX! Thief 3 is going to need a DirectX 8 or better graphics card to get all of the visuals.

22nd Oct 2002, 15:05
Phew :D :D :D

I know from experience, if your system only meets minimum requirements, it will not play the game "within acceptable parameters" (so to speak). Firstly, you play in 640x480, often in 16 bits. Secondly, you disable all neat visuals and still get crappy performance (aka slideshow). Happened to me with gta3, mohaa and some other games. I am looking forward to getting T3 but I can't wait with upgrade for another year ('cause I won't be able to play all those nice games which will be released before T3. My present system is something I am planning to sell to untique store).
Oh yeah, and it isn't MX, just "normal" GF4.

Btw, I bleeped myself on purpose. :p

22nd Oct 2002, 19:44
Criminie...I hope your not serious about the meet min requirements LM and you Xcom about the 640X480 resolution and the upgrades I'm in process of? Lord no!!! Perhaps I might have to do some things at normal ILO high settings...but I surely hope they allow better resolutions than that for what I'm going to have? Geez... :( What the heck do these guys want from us to be able to play better than the lowest res, etc. Surely they can't expect everyone to get a top-line computer so that you can get a better than barely able to play systems? This would be outrageous expectations from the developers et al :( Ta and Good Hunting!

Mr. Perfect
22nd Oct 2002, 20:13
Originally posted by LeatherMan
As for the Duron/Athlon consideration, stick with a Duron if you upgrade. The power supply would most likely not work well with an Athlon and your computer might become unstable.

Hows that? O_o

22nd Oct 2002, 23:06
Originally posted by LeatherMan
Just don't get the GF4 MX! Thief 3 is going to need a DirectX 8 or better graphics card to get all of the visuals.

Duh!!! GF4 MX???? Help me understand all this please!!:eek: :confused: :)

22nd Oct 2002, 23:17
The MX series of GeForces is crap. What I hear is that a GF4MX is roughly the equivalent of a high GF2/low GF3. It's a "budget" line of cards that is designed to rook you with the leverage of the newer product name.

22nd Oct 2002, 23:26
Just for the sake of info LM...I too am curious about your remark on PS..my case is AMD blessed with 300Watts ATX goodness...are you saying the Athlon 1.2 needs more? Since my MB would actually support it and my case is approved for AMD's...what would be the problem? Any case/processor would and should have proper cooling fans, etc. and since I don't run a lot of proggies...i.e. or servers, I'm sure you have much more than I would running, etc. perhaps in your case you'd need more wattage? ;) But I still perferred the Duron as it is less expensive :)

Ha, ha I read an article last night on the Web about OC'g and such and it seems my chipset, Via's 133a, and the Duron is very good for boosting performance....hmmmmm? LOL Now if I only knew someone who knew what he/she was doing... :D OHhhh the possiblities of going past 1.2 ! Ta and Good Hunting!

22nd Oct 2002, 23:42
Here is a good article on how power supplies work (http://www.howstuffworks.com/power-supply.htm)and just about everything else on your puter.


Yes, really..... rick!

Mr. Perfect
23rd Oct 2002, 00:14
300 watts is plenty for a low Athlon. That's what I was running my 1.33GHz Athlon on.

I though the only differenc ebetween the Duron and Athlon was that the Athlon had twice as much L2 cache... Which makes it faster btw, there's a reason the Duron is cheaper. ;)

23rd Oct 2002, 00:29
Well I believe mainly also was that the Duron wasn't as fast processing power...but over time they have increased it more and more to be more like Athlon's speed...as the Athlon got pushed faster and faster :) to stay up with Intel's processor boostings :) Anyway, that's good to know you run your Athlon on 300watts...but again...it really depends on what and how many proggies you got up and running too I believe ;)

Thanks for the link Howie...I'll check it out soon for more info on the subject :) Ta and Good Hunting!

23rd Oct 2002, 03:33
The 300 watt power supply would most likely be sufficient for an Athlon. My advice was based on the fact that Duron used to use less power than the Athlon (apparently the 1GHz-up Duron uses the same core voltage as the Athlon), therefore most older Duron computers only had 250 watt PSU's which would have choked on an Athlon.

I had built my first Athlon (750MHz) computer on a 300 watt "AMD-approved" PSU, but it was mostly unstable and crashed often. Once I replaced it with a better 340 watt PSU it stabilized (I still use that PSU on my XP 1800+).

Duh!!! GF4 MX???? Help me understand all this please!!The Geforce 4 MX is basically only an updated Geforce 2 GTS, and thus is only a DX 7-compliant video card. You can use DirectX 8 and 8.1 with this card, but you will not get full DX 8 graphics.

Mr. Perfect
23rd Oct 2002, 06:20
Yes, the clock speed of the Durons are faster these days but a Duron at 1.2GHz doesn't procces the same amount of data as a Athlon at 1.2Ghz. Clock-rates are not everythng, despite what Intel will tell you. ;)

Electrical power requirements depend on the number of hardware jobies you have, not software. :) Extra drives and addon cards are what require more power. I had a 1.33GHz T-Bird, 256MB of DDR, a HD, CD-ROM, CD-RW, network card, 3D card, sound card, modem, and 3 case fans on a nice Antec 300 watt with no problems. The brand of PS is important too. No cheapies. :)

23rd Oct 2002, 23:25
Yes, of course, I made a mistake regarding the need for more power...heh...I should have remembered better regarding the number of componets rather than sw running...thanks for the correction Mr. Perfect :)

I still think I would be safe with what I've got in my system at this time though. 1 HDD, 1 CD-R/RW, 1 network card, 1 VID and 1 sound card, modem natch, CPU and 348mgs PC133 RAM...like that? Oh yea two case fans and supposedly a CPU FANwHeatsink that came with it from AMD. But therein falls a question. I don't bellieve it can be workiing somehow? Maybe the connection got jarred loose/off? I went into the BIOS today to check some things and in my Award PC Health window it's only showing one power fan and has a reading but the CPU fan is not? It's shows 0 speed...so am I correct in this reasoning that it's not plugged in or.....whatever?

My new CPU should be showing up tomorrow and it's also the retail version that includes a heatsink/fan and I'm sure my current situation will/should be resolved when that gets installed. But I am curious about what's going on now as I might be sending that down to my Daughter as well...although she'll have to buy a new board and maybe some different RAM...but at least will get the benefits of a faster CPU than what she has now for sure!!! :)

So thanks for any info you ppl might offer on this little matter :) Ta and Good Hunting!

Mr. Perfect
24th Oct 2002, 01:31
If you want to see if the fan on the heatsink is working, you can run the machine with the side of the case off, just to peek. :) Some fans can't be monitored for speed by the mother board.

24th Oct 2002, 10:20
I'm going to upgrade next year sometime, seeing as I'm going to hang around Townsville for another year to accumulate some cash. Well, seeing as I'm finishing yr 12 this year, it'll mean that I'll have more time to play Thief, and to work. My current setup is going to go out the door next year for certain...
333mhz cpu
64mb ram
4.3gig hd
voodoo1 vid card
old old old motherboard.

What should I replace all this terribly *DATED* gear with?

24th Oct 2002, 19:06
Hi Newk007...welcome to our Guild :) However since your going to wait till next year to upgrade...you can do a lot of research in the meantime to see what ppl are getting and the discussions taking place about what kinds of systems are going to be needed to play decently for the upcoming games we're interested in. I would hope you've read some of the above postings to give you an idea what some of us are doing already. Yes, your machine is very outdated and you'll need to get something much more beefier for sure! :D If you have a credit card you can do a lot of your shopping on the Net and save money by building your own. If you don't have much knowledge in this regard there are many sources to give you some step by step guidance. In fact, PC Gamer's issue for Nov has the how to's in it as an example. Otherwise you'd have to get a pre-built of some sort. There are some pretty decent machines made now but there your upgrading is quite limited although you can usually do some things, just not as much as building your own. So that's pretty much what I can offer as to suggestions for you at this time...

Good Luck and Good Hunting!

Mr. Perfect
25th Oct 2002, 04:02
The best thing I can tell you to do is go to Tomshardware.com (http://www.tomshardware.com) as often as possible and read their artciles. :) If you where to do that over the next year, you'll be sure to know what to do when it comes to buying time.

25th Oct 2002, 22:42
I'd like to suggest an alternative tech site for write-ups on different componets... http://www.anandtech.com
The reason being other than it is an excellent site for info, Tom's had a horrid number of cookies/ads that it wants to put on your system. Anand's is not so cumbersome to get around in! I had my cookies set to allow me to approve and I can't tell you the number of times I had to say...no, no, no! and for each page...no thanks to Tom's site for me anymore! :( Other than that...there are other sites as well and/or forums for the different kinds of componets that you can check them out as well to see what ppl are saying about them and what kinds of problems, if any, they are running into. Of course each person has their own individual type problems depending on how well they understand how to set one up properly for what they've got, LOL So again, Good Luck and Good Hunting!

27th Oct 2002, 03:26
I am a little late, but congrats on the new card. I love it when I get something that increases the capabilities of my computer gaming. Have fun wit it!

27th Oct 2002, 05:29
Thanks Common for stopping by and yes I'm anxious about getting these new toys installed. I'm just having a bit of a delimma about how to go about it at the moment :D I haven't done this myself before and due to the special way these two things need to be done sort of throws me a bit of a curve ball :( Particularly the CPU with it's heatsink/fan installation and taking the old one out. The little clamps that hold it down on the MB are a bit awkward to get at and I don't want to screw that up as I want to be able to give it to my Daughter possibly. I'm afraid somehow it won't be able to be reinstalled without cleaning off and reapplying this thermal stuff they put on it to seal it down to the CPU...eyaahhh! And then to make sure the new one I'm putting in, is put in correctly as well...it has to be done "just so"! :eek: LOL So as I said in another post...I just may have to spend a little more money and have a tech do this...cause I sure don't want to mess things up! Ta and Good Hunting!

Mr. Perfect
28th Oct 2002, 23:27
Nah, it's easy. :) You'll probably need a small flat bladed screwdriver to get the HS off. The spring mounted clip will usualy only go down when you press on it, so you need to gently push it outwards off the end of the spike with the screw driver while pushing down. And putting the new one on isn't all that touchy. Just be sure to set it down as flat as possible, the CPU doesn't like it if it's "rocked" on.

You will have to re-goop the cpu before you put the HS back on though, just a thin layer is all you need.

I don't feal that I've made much sense here, but trust me, the hardest part of the job is getting yourself to try it. :cool:

29th Oct 2002, 02:19
Ha, ha...I think you may be right...getting the courage up to try it! But thanks for the words of encouragement...AMD does have a pretty good little brochure on how to do it...it's just me and my "failure to communicate" LOL Ta and Good Hunting!

Shadow Creepr
29th Oct 2002, 02:41
I am waiting to upgrade until I see what requirements are going to be needed for the upcoming games. I am playing No One Lives Forever 2 and I am having to play it on the minimum requirement. I am getting good graphics without any lag but it's not what it could be. I have a 32 mb GeForce video card.

I saw an Alienware machine with a 9700 Raedon video card. It made my mouth water to look at the graphics........absolutely stunning.

29th Oct 2002, 03:06
Yea ShadowC...I'll bet that was a honey of a setup :) Where did you see it in action? Of course, they want a pretty penny for that rig as I have seen some ads for it in my PC Gamer. Now if I only had about 3 grand...hmmmm :D I also just saw a recent ad regarding the lowering of prices on the 9000 from ATI, they would do that right after I bought my 8500 LOL Oh well, I think my card should do fine anyway as I did get it with 128mgs of DDR. We'll see ;) Ta and Good Hunting!

Shadow Creepr
29th Oct 2002, 04:03
Originally posted by Huntress
Where did you see it in action? Of course, they want a pretty penny for that rig as I have seen some ads for it in my PC Gamer. Now if I only had about 3 grand

I saw it at Best Buys. They had a demo machine set up and they wanted $998.00 (US dollars) for the 19' LCD flat panel monitor and $1999.00 for the PC....so you are right on target.

I think your new card will work great...BTW.

29th Oct 2002, 15:57
Well I hope your right ShadowC...about my card working OK...I've already installed DX8.1 but I sure don't want to have to get a different OS...like XP for example! I know they're going to use it but many gamers, including myself, still use WIN98se..so I hope they code it well for it too :) So here's to the big boys and their toys...but don't forget us little people too! :D Ta and Good Hunting!

29th Oct 2002, 18:15
Congrats, Huntress! Hoping to get a GeForce 4 one of these days myself.