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Island Girl
21st Oct 2002, 21:01
Aloha All..............

I was at this site downloading a custim level and it recommended this and I was just wondering what exactly is this. Thanks. (I hope I can post this picture correctly) :)

Tomb Raider 2-4 (DVD-ROM)
von EIDOS Interactive
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Love & Aloha

21st Oct 2002, 21:31
Seems like it's collector's edition of TR2, TR3 & TR:LR together.

Island Girl
22nd Oct 2002, 06:49
Thanks xcom :D :D

Love & Aloha

Marcus T
26th Oct 2002, 00:19
The games were released on DVD-rom?? I had no idea...

26th Oct 2002, 01:34
Island Girl, since I can't PM you, I will tell you here. I notice that your sigs aren't showing. I will help you fix them if you want to fix them. So, go to where your images are at on angelfire and rename all of them to the file name and the .ext to txt. Example, IslandGirlWink2.gif to IslandGirlWink2.txt, and they should work.:D

27th Oct 2002, 16:39
Originally posted by Island Girl
Thanks xcom :D :D

Love & Aloha

What is a DVD-Rom?

27th Oct 2002, 17:01
A shiny disk with a hole in it. :D
You can write more data on it than on a usual CD.