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21st Oct 2002, 19:19
I've got a question. The thing which disturbs me more than anything on my computer, is my mouse and the wire which is constantly stuck.

Therefore, I wanna ask y'all the following question: i'm planning on buying a wirless mouse? Does this actually exist and if so: what are the disadvantages of it? Because if there are more disadvantages than advantages, I'm not gonna buy it.

Thnx. :)

21st Oct 2002, 19:27
Look here (http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B00006HMPN/qid=1035227572/sr=32-3/ref=sr_32_3_etk-add-ons/102-3621023-8238541)
You will also find a review for this product further down the page. ;)

This particular one features a keyboard as well, however they are available seperately.

21st Oct 2002, 19:39
The only bad thing I've heard about that particular keyboard Data pointed out is that the keyboard doesn't light up those little green lights when you have your caps, num or scroll lock on. But I could be wrong.

21st Oct 2002, 19:54
Thanks a lot! :)

Isn't it so that a wireless mouse doesn't work as well as one WITH a wire? Just a question ... ;)

Thanx anyways. :D

21st Oct 2002, 20:18
I think you hook a receiver to the back of the computer that receives the signal for the keyboard & mouse. It should be as good as a regular mouse or keyboard.

The Gamester
21st Oct 2002, 21:06
:rolleyes: It depends on what brand you perfer using. I like Logitech wireless optical mouse myself because it fit my hand. (I admit I am a lefty and this mouse fit my use better than Microsoft's Wireless Optical Intellimouse) No matter what you should be prepare to spend a lot of money on batteries. I've went through four sets of "AA" alkiline batteries in the past twelve months ever since I got this mouse. Currently I am testing new lithium alkiline batteries which claimed they lasted ten times longer than the alkiline battery. (It also cost twice as much but the extra price may worth it.) Before you decide to buy a new wireless mouse I suggest you check out the reviews on these devices at PC World, PC Magzine, Consumer Report and other computer based publications. :confused:

21st Oct 2002, 23:09
You have to make sure the mouse is pointing at the receiver and obviously the range is limtied

21st Oct 2002, 23:15
We've been using wireless mice for some time now. The first one was a bit dodgy (batteries didn't last very long, not very good range,....), but the new one works just fine. It just depends how much you're willing to spend I guess (and a bit of luck).... ;)

22nd Oct 2002, 04:53
I've got three. Two work pretty well. Two are Logitech and one is a "Micro Innovations."

One of the Logitech's has a problem: Batteries only last a day or so. I thought one of the batteries had corroded, but when I took it apart I found that something on the circuit board had melted and dripped onto the battery. It also has to have the reset (or whatever they called it) button pushed occasionally or it quits working.

The other two work fine, and the MI mouse has the advantage of having a rechargable battery and charger that plugs into the mouse when you aren't using it.

BTW, they're optical mice. Mouse pads are optional. You can put it on any surface that isn't downright shiny. I suppose you could turn it upside down and use your finger like a trackball.

22nd Oct 2002, 08:09
One quick question: Why is the mouse wire getting stuck?

Isn't there a way of freeing it/un-tangling it/un-snagging it that would be cheaper?

22nd Oct 2002, 18:18
Originally posted by DaveJ
One quick question: Why is the mouse wire getting stuck?

Isn't there a way of freeing it/un-tangling it/un-snagging it that would be cheaper?

You're all quite right. I'm gonna stick to the one I have right now. I mean: I've read some of the problems I could have when having a wireless mouse and to tell you the truth: I don't like it a bit.

btw: I just cleaned up my desk and it worked out fine! :D

so thnx but no thnx! ;)

22nd Oct 2002, 19:49
"Hello? This is Fed-Ex...we have a very large, mountainous package here for a Mr. Mohammed...?"

23rd Oct 2002, 03:56
Well, maybe this is too late -

BUT - my Logitech OPTIC wireless mouse is wonderful !!! it can see right thru my drink, and works on any surface - goes to sleep when not in use, AA batteries last a couple months (no mouse for TR, my major puter usage at home).

PLUS the red lite coming out the sides is really cool !!!

25th Oct 2002, 13:15
@Jumojim: I think I have exactly the same mouse with you, only that mine has a wire. But it is a Logitec optic + there is this red ligt coming out the sides... :D

27th Oct 2002, 15:43
Choke it.:D

27th Oct 2002, 21:17
this is completly off the subject...well not really but my friend has a sideways mouse because she gets cramp in her hand holding on to it. This might be an option...though probably not. ;)