View Full Version : Hitman 2 Cover-Up????

21st Oct 2002, 19:03
What is going on with Hitman 2 and all of it's crashes!?! Did anyone from the Hitman 2 beta-testing crew even check for bugs? I mean, COME-ON! If they did, how could they miss the enormous amount of crashes on the PC and Xbox versions?? Did they cover them up and rush it out to the market to make a quick buck before the other big games hit the market in November and December? As many of you probably know by my previous posts, I have the Xbox version. Platform games should NOT be subject to major crashes, as that is usually a PC compatibility issue. Platform games don't fit this touchy criteria because the game builders know what limitations and specs they are working with. So, why would my Xbox game keep crashing? And I refuse to believe they don't know about it - because anyone who tested this before release would have noticed the frequent crashing almost immediately, or within about 20 minutes. Now what, I'm stuck with a buggy game and cannot get my money back because it is opened! Anyone else a bit peeved at this?:mad: