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21st Oct 2002, 12:09
I'm very frustrated... I've been playing the game for a good long time now, and I'm stuck in the "Meet Your Brother"-scenario...

I've tried killing all the clones, the guards, been all around but can't seem to get any further... There's no way out?!

I've also tried NOT killing all the clones, place myself in the "scanner room", THEN kill the chasing clone and hope that a new clone would then open the door from the inside... but nothing happens before I once again step out of the scanner room... Then a new clone appears...

And if I try to stand on the platform marked by two feet, I get killed by poison gas...
It doesn't seem to matter which outfit I'm wearing... SWAT or guard?!

I've tried killing all the clones, then confront the guard in the rear "guard room", hoping that his cries for backup would indeed summon a few more guards who would then have to open the gate, but nothing happens...

And I can't seem to find any specifik gadgets anywhere (besides ammo and weapons)...

Is there a specifik purpose to the "antidote", I'm carrying?
If I choose this as the primary "weapon", it wont "activate"?!

And what about the Teddy bear? The syringe?

So where do I go from here? How?

Please help me!
Any help is MUCH appreciated!!!

22nd Oct 2002, 22:08
Drag a dead clone with you onto the scanning platform