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21st Oct 2002, 06:42
Greetings! Nice forum you guys got here. I'm really glad to see that you guys are still reading and still willing to help us newbies out!
Anyway, I just dusted off my old copy of startopia and I've come across a few niggling questions.

1. How do I know how many rooms of 1 type do I need? E.g. communicators The other rooms like clinics and berths are pretty simple to figure out though.

2. How do I know how many people to hire? E.g. for the recycler, for the communicators -- For labs and diagnosing beds I'm assuming I just hire 1 doctor or scientist for each workstation?

3. I believe I understand when some rooms need stuff. Like the clinic needs medical supplies. Anyway, how do I know when they run out? And more importantly, how do I give it to them? Is it taken automatically from my cargo hold? What if I don't have a cargo hold. Do I just beam it straight into the room? What about stores--, do I just place it in front of the store?

3.1 Do those Vendomatics need food supplies? If so, how do I supply it?

I guess that's it for now. I know its awfully long, but I've been trying to find a website or forum with these answers and haven't exactly struck gold yet. So I kinda built-up my list of questions.

Thanx again! Hope to hear from you guys soon!

21st Oct 2002, 10:05
Open the operations panel (the alien head icon) and go to the overview. If your peeps are running low on food or sleep, etc. then you probably need to provide more of that. Extra Comsensors just provide a better decode rating, bringing messages to you earlier. This is useful for stellar events (solar flares and star quakes), traders and stealing business from other administrators. There's no requirement for communications, it's up to you.

Staff requirements:
Recycler: 4 Salt Hogs
Factory: 4 Salt Hogs
Sick Bay: 1 Grey per Diagnosis Unit + 1 Grey per 2 pieces of other equipment (preferably with at least 1 skill point, else they might acidently kill patients)
Security Control: Up to 8 Gors?
Comsensor: 3 Targs
Bio-Deck: 1 to 5 Karmaramans per segment
Laboratory: 1 Turakken per piece of equipment, including Analiser (preferably skilled)
Temple: 12 Zedem Monks
Love Nest: 1 Siren per Love Seat
You may want a couple of extra staff for the Comsensor and the Love Nest for when others need a break. Also consider the Sick Bay in emergency situations.

Rooms will stock themselves from your Cargo Hold or from anything that's lying around (not from your pattern buffer) when they need new stock. When you get the message "You have run out of a type of cargo: ...", it means your last crate has been unpacked and you have a short while before another is required.
Right click on a room to see what it requires and how much it has. With the Dine-O-Mat, you need to click the green (food supplies) and blue (mineral ores) buttons on it's panel for it to use cargo. If these buttons are off, the Dine-O-Mat will use synthetic food (the red button) which costs energy every time, but is useful when you need it. Food supplies and mineral ores are also more nutritous and tasty than synthetic food.

Cargo requirements:
Dine-O-Mat: Food Supplies and Mineral Ores
Sick Bay: Medical Supplies
Music Store: Luxury Goods
General Store: Food Supplies
Computer Store: Hardware Supplies
Combat Store: Black Market Goods
Curiosity Shop: Alien Artifacts
Leisure Store: Luxury Goods
Industrial Supplies are not required by any room.

21st Oct 2002, 12:17
:D :rolleyes: :D :rolleyes:
Whoa! That was fast! Thanx a million! I'll be using those tips now!

Dark Blood
21st Oct 2002, 15:41
i like to keep my bio deck as full a possible so unless I'm trading something i just keep 1 of each cargo in a cargo bay. VAL will give you a written and audio alert when you have ran out of a particular cargo. Use it as your que to make more.

Tips from experiance:
Skuzzers are your friends use a lot of them, particularly the MKII
good speed that is reliable and relatively cheep

Monks are great. That 5k per penetint helps out a lot

Lovenests asap

in nest and sickbay, have waiting chairs

get a lab as well as comsensor and stardock. Research what you want and don't have to depend on trade.

21st Oct 2002, 16:29
Thanx Dark Blood!

I'm sure all the other noobs who might be reading this forum will appreciate all the tips!

Keep em coming folks! I'm finally getting to learn and enjoy this game!:p I'm glad I dusted it off and installed it when I found it on an old heap of discs of mine!

21st Oct 2002, 23:12
I prefer buying rooms from traders. It's far cheaper than producing them in a factory.

23rd Oct 2002, 18:30
of course if you research them enough you can produce them even chaper than you can buy them from traders...