View Full Version : I am sick of all these crashes

21st Oct 2002, 04:18
I hate this game. The crashes have ruined the gaming experience for me. I have tried every fix suggested and the damn game still crashes after 10 minutes. It is not like I have an old or underpowered system. When I bought this machine 14 months ago I maxed out the memory, the video and audio cards. This is just a buggy piece of software and the fact some people have no problems is more a testament to their good luck than the quality of the software. I will never again buy an EIDOS product, nor will I recommend it.

22nd Oct 2002, 20:01
Tank, I'm ticked off too....but I WILL have to get at least ONE more game from them before I call it quits. It is something called DEUS EX 2! Deus EX was probably one of the best FPS games I've ever played (PC version). I gotta see the follow-up - especially with ALL of the new technology they are putting into it. Eidos is just the publisher, not the creator. But, you can't help but be ticked that Eidos doesn't seem to concerned about the problems with Hitman 2.