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20th Oct 2002, 20:57
If there were a Blood Omen 3 what do you think would be the plot? ;)

21st Oct 2002, 02:47
Hola to everyone.

Lets see....

I expect a major confromtation between Vorador, the cabal vs Kain. As Umah said to Kain that the only ones left to oppouse him were the vampires. Kain will star hunting down the lesser members of the cabal, working all the way to Vorador. Vorador is the only Vampire with a little chance to kill Kain. Vorador is ancient, powerfull and more important wiser(cunning as oppouse to strenth). He will put up a good fight but at the end we know he gets killed again. By killing Vorador, Kain will get the power to raise little vampires. Then Kain will star thinking: Who are the best to raise as my sons? "...keep your friends close and your enemies even clouser." Kain wiil take the desicion to raise the Sarafan knights.

Perhaps as to add to the plot we will see some humans trying to kill Kain and all vampires... or perhaps taking sides with Vorador or Kain. I don't expect to see to much of the Hilden because the just got defeated and I think it will take them some time to muster another attempt to escape their demon world.

I also think that the elder god is going to interfear some how.
The elder God is the one that wants to kill Kain the most. I even think that the elder god is a third player that is trying to suck the energy of Nosgoth. When Kain confronterd Motanius at the end of Bo, we know he had two choises: To kill himself and restore balance or rule in damnation.
Well the Hilden benefit the most if Kain live, because it caused the rupture for the SL to come through the ript.
If Kain die the balance was suppoused to be restored but it would had killed all the vampires. Still good for the Hildens but still no chance to come through. So I think the Hilden prefered that Kain live and let them come to Nosgoth. But at the end we saw the dark entity that tryed to kill Kain. To me it means that the dark entity is not in leage with the Hildens. So who is trying to Kill Kain the most? The elder god together with Mobious his worshiper.
The elder god seems to me as the ultimate enemy, the one trying to suck life out the world. The Hilden, I think they are not as bad as the ancients want us to believe. I think both the ancients and the hildens are to advance race that think too much of them selves. The ancients think that the are the rightgeous one and the hilden perhaps are more warlike race but not compleatly eveil.
The confromtation was unavoidable and the hilden got the worst out of it but not without geting their last puch(the curse).

For Sr3 we will see raziel and kain teaming up in a tag team vs the elder godand his knew super agent Turel.

Wooo! ... And I thought that I was goint to write a few lines.... what an imagination with no grip on reality... Well I think it shoul be enough to start the ball rolling.

Hanpolo out.

Secrets Of Nosgoth
21st Oct 2002, 09:35
interesting idea about the elder god teaming up with turrel. Quite possible when you think about it. He's the only one left, and he's also just as, if not more powerful than dumah. With the Elder God's help, who knows what could happen.
For BO3 you also got Kain vs Cabal, and Kain vs the remaining Sarafan, and possibly Cabal vs remaining sarafan