View Full Version : Bugs and Eidos indifference

20th Oct 2002, 16:43
I was looking foreward to hitman 2 and when it came out i immediately bought it. Unfortunately I am unable to play the game: it does not even start anymore, and when it did I fell victim to the 10-minute bug every time. I initially thought it was my system but after looking at these forums A LOT of people are having this problem. I sent a message to tech support with the best of intentions and got a form letter back saying that some driver that i have is not compatable with directX. There was no clue of what driver (yes eidos, there are more than just sound and video, and both of those are brand new on my system: trust me, i tried). When I politely asked for clarification I recieved NO RESPONSE from tech support. I would have returned this game already if it were not for MI copyright law.
This product is DEFECTIVE. It is UNACCEPTABLE for a company to release a buggy product and be indifferent to the problems that many, many of its customers are happening. What are we as consumers supposed to do? Any ideas? I'd love to hear from Eidos like this. Look, if we bought a chevy that didn't run we could return it. It sounds like game companies that have succeeded in passing no-refund laws have succeeded: they can stick us with a $50 product that doesnt work and leave consumers with no recourse.

20th Oct 2002, 18:17
Yes, I agree, no-refund policy (after opening the box) is an outrage. Just like you, I was looking forward to playing H2 but after reading all the replies here I have reconsidered. I may eventually pick it up in a discount bin (or rent it) but I ain't buying it any time soon unless a patch will come out which solves most of the problems. Something you might wanna do too (next time) ;)