View Full Version : Stealth Abilities in Future LOK games. (Please read, Chris)

20th Oct 2002, 01:44
I just bought the "Mark of Kri", and I'm really impressed with the stealth element of the game. I really hope the stealth concept is made more vital to future LOK games. I would like to see areas in LOK where it is important to use a long-range weapon to pick off above-ground enemies first, and then slowly sneak up to each of your ground-level enemies and kill them off without alerting the others. In a vampire game series, this just seems like an element that would naturally be a part of the game. Plus the BO2 previews that came out before the release of BO2 sounded like stealth would become a larger part of the game, but many stealth moves listed in the previews did not become a part of the final release. I would also like to see some jump attack combos that combine the jump-attack with a fury or a berserk.

In Mark of Kri, the majority of areas have tons of enemies that once they see you, they will quickly summon others and surround you to beat you to death. There are simply too many of them to face in hand-to-hand combat. Plus there are also many enemies perched up above where you cannot reach, who shoot long-range weapons at you while you are trying to fight the ground-level enemies hand-to-hand. Even if you can beat the ground-level enemies, the long-range-shooters take you out quickly.

There is only one choice to get past the level:
- First, hide in a location far away from the ground enemies, and use your own long-range weapons to pick off the over-head enemies. They are usually the first ones to see you and call the others, plus their long-range attacks are quick and deadly.
- Second, sneak up close enough to use your long-range weapon to kill off the enemies that carry horns that they blow to summon the other enemies to your location.
- Third, use obstacles to hide behind and sneak up on other ground-level enemies, so that you can use your stealth-kills to take them out unknown to the other enemies.
- Finally, face the final three or four enemies that cannot be killed by stealth and cannot be killed by long-range weapons because of their armor, and use your multi-enemy combat system to fight multiple enemies at once.

A multiple-enemy-combat-system would also be an AWESOME addition to the LOK game. In "Mark of Kri", you use the right toggle to select an enemy and assign it to one of three buttons. That way you hit a different enemy depending on what button you press. Instead of trying to fight one enemy while two others attack you from behind, you can face any enemy and still fight off other enemies beside or behind you simply by pressing the correct attack button. This way, you can hit the enemy in front of you, then hit the enemy behind you, then hit an enemy beside you. By rotating attacks, you can combat three enemies at the same time, rotating your attacks so that you hit the next enemy while the other two are still recovering from your previous attack.

I really hope that the LOK creators take a look at the "Mark of Kri" and use some of those ideas in the next LOK games. That would make LOK so much more awesome than it already is.

the abyss
28th Oct 2002, 15:53
I have also played the mark of kri recently (very good game) and I loved the stealth of the game. As I said in the Soul Reaver forums i will soon be creating a spin off version of the LoK series. In my game (when it is completed which will take quite some time) stealth will be a very important part of the game. So far the game is still in the concept stages and i just tweak it here and there whenever i have a few extra moments in school but i should start actually making it rather soon. There will be at least one long range weapon (crossbow) and it will be crucial in a few parts of the game. In other parts just very handy. I'll try and stay in touch with the forums but my computer just went boink and I'm only gonna visit every other day and not at all during the weekends, unless it gets fixed early. Unfortunately due to legalities im not sure whether or not i can distribute the game (no charge whatsoever) over the forums but i'll keep in touch.

Shadow Man
28th Oct 2002, 19:57
I think the stealth concept is good, and so is the multipal enemy combat, maybe they could get something out of Blade 2 the game

4th Nov 2002, 04:42
I've been thinking of getting Blade 2. How good of a game is it?

BloodRayne looks promising also.

(I guess my love of vampires translates to an afinity for vampire games.)

4th Nov 2002, 04:51
So far, BloodRayne is a rather interesting little game. :D

Originally posted by Darakari

(I guess my love of vampires translates to an afinity for vampire games.)

Mine, too.:D

Shadow Man
4th Nov 2002, 21:46
Originally posted by Darakari

I guess my love of vampires translates to an afinity for vampire games.

Same with me!

Blade 2 is agood game, lot of action but a bit short.

5th Nov 2002, 03:36
So, are Blade 2 and BloodRayne worth buying?

Or, should I just rent them?

5th Nov 2002, 07:38
I haven't really played enough of BloodRayne to really give you an experienced opinion on it. As I say, it's proving rather interesting so far... :D

Shadow Man
5th Nov 2002, 16:24
You might want to rent Blade 2 first and if you like it buy it. Or you could wait until it goes down in price then it would be really worth buying, and you wouldn't have to rush through it.