View Full Version : Problems Starting Off

20th Oct 2002, 01:16
Okay, I am having the worst time finding time to make my FM. I have great original ideas, but with still plenty of good tradition. Tiny, but enough content to make it fun. I just can't work on it. I get bored of it, don't have time, get stuck on texturing (where I am now). Does anyone have tips on having time and how to not get bored with it?

20th Oct 2002, 02:10
I never get bored with it. I find that I lack time in other parts of my life because of my FM building. Of course, maybe I never get bored with it because I have classes and work M-F, so any time I can find is Dromed time. Other than that - expect it to take a long time. I've been working on my first (kinda - the first one I've gotten this far with) FM for over a month now (I think, I'm not sure - time gets kinda blurry after awhile) and only have textures DONE for two buildings (yeah, like they're really done) out of four. Of course, my basic outline of the FM is done - now I'm filling in the details - WHICH, by the by, seems to take the longest time.

21st Oct 2002, 23:09
this is my problem. the hardest part of dromed for me is the boredom. there really isnt any solution for this other than just taking a break from it and after a while you'll want to get back to it.

22nd Oct 2002, 03:03
Thats a tuffy.
I could have made the same exact post. My 3rd FM has been sitting stagnant for at least 6 months now. And I had a good 4 months into it already. I just got to a point where I had to stop.
Hopefully I'll get back to it someday.

What helped me for awhile was to jump around. If you're tired of texturing...throw a few AI in, or place some objects or lighting. Keep moving around like that. You may end up somewhat scatterbrained and unorganized,........but at least you're still working on it! :D

The funnest stuff is playing around with DromEd. Learn to tame the beast. Make some wierd stuff by giving objects properties from other objects. Have you made a burrick the walks around with Benny's voice yet, or a frog egg that spawns tree beasts?
Place a handfull of AI in a room, and set them to different teams so you can watch them slug it out. :o
There's all kinds of whacky things you can figure out just to keep you interested.....and who knows....maybe it'll give you an idea to change something in your mission to personalize it a little. Just don't go trying to make a huge rat...it gets messy! :D :p