View Full Version : Lockup -- Details of My Experience

19th Oct 2002, 23:08
Okay, I've finally been hit by the dreaded lockup problem. I'm describing the symptoms in detail in hopes that the technical folks can pinpoint a cause.

Computer specs:

Memory : 256 MB
Video Card: GeForce 3 AGP (current official drivers)
Sound Card: SB Live! (current official drivers)
OS: Windows 98 SE, fully updated


In the Terminal Hospitality mission, I had just entered the hospital via the open window, passed by the typing nurse's desk, and was leaving the room with the patient's room alarm panel when the lockup occurred. Prior to entering the hospital, I had changed into the cult uniform by the temple/weapon cache and had gone in to the weapon cache but had not taken any of the weapons.

A few moments before the lockup, the default Window mouse pointer suddenly appeared on the screen. After the lockup, I was able to move the pointer, and the keyboard was still active.

I noticed that when I moved the mouse pointer to the bottom of the screen, it changed to the resize graphic as if it was hovering on the top edge of the Windows toolbar.

I moved the pointer to where the Start button should be, clicked on it, then moved the pointer up to where Shut Down should be, clicked, waited a moment, then pressed the Enter key. The computer restarted in a normal manner.