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19th Oct 2002, 20:03
I just want to know how many of you designers out there actually do a design process. I'm talking about predrawing rooms, space, and buildings - sometimes even going so far as to have decor/colors/etc... preplanned. I do it to a small extent, and have been considering totally designing levels first if it will make it easier. So please answer the poll, and then post (if you want to) what your process is and if it makes it easier for you compared to when you first began designing FM's. Purty please.:D

19th Oct 2002, 22:50
I try to get a general idea of what I want to build..
City map..I'll create a huge air brush then start filling in the buildings
Underground..I'll just carve out the basic layout then add in the side tunnels and such, applying textures as I go. (which usually change 4-5 times during the building process)
After building terrain and Roombrushes..I start to add objects and lighting. Then last is AIs..
However I will throw in an AI or 2 during building to keep my scale close and to make sure they can get around the place ok.
How does this compare to when I first started building FMs over 3 yrs ago..It's like day and night...I had no clue what I was doing then..and now sometimes. It's amazing how much more support there is for newbie FM makers now as to then..You guys/gals are pretty lucky.

21st Oct 2002, 23:03
heh apache youre funny, considering you wrote alot of the tutorials! :D

when i built my first fm, i planned for it to be alot different from what it ended up being. i had an idea for a lost city type of level and soon after beginning it it turned into a doomish type of level where you just go forward and get by the enemies. my terrain sucked imo on the first one, its amazing how much better you get as you go along. i look back on my first level and sometimes i laugh about the little things that seemed so hard then. i ended up smarting up and starting to build by first drawing out what i wanted to do(rough drawing mind you) and then the idea came to me to write a short story. it was the story of hells motel. after i began that project it developed into something more, like a series. so now im just building the levels and intergrating them into my storyline.

so basically my personal way of doing it is by creating a good story and building off of that. i feel that if youre building a whole series of fms that the story should be good enough to make people want to continue onward. if its a single fm i feel that gameplay is perhaps more important than the storyline but there should still be some sort of background to add atmosphere.

the ultimate question- has it gotten easier? not really. fms are never easy. ive worked on part 1 and 2 of hells motel since july 2001 and i released part 1(these two were originaly one file) but am still working on part 2. i think rather than saying it makes it easier to build if you predesign it, i would say that it helps the most as a time saver. and overall makes your architecture look better if you plan it out before.

27th Oct 2002, 21:15
I think it is a good idea to first of all map out the type of areas you want to create, so that you can create a room brush type heirachy before you even begin.
It helps locate items (do_report) and also makes making an auto map so much easier.
Which reminds me, I really should finish that tutorial.

29th Oct 2002, 20:29
Too be honest, I make most of it up as I go along. I have the basic idea of what I want but just play about until i'm happy with an area then move on. Occassionaly, i'll have an idea and go back to an already 'perfect' area then change it again.

The story behind the mission is always changing in my head so sometimes I'll go back and add/amend areas to fit in with the story.

Decoration is minimal unless I have an idea of a scripted event that I want to try.

Once I have the complete mission, I go back and forth adding, removing, enlarging or redecorating until i'm totally happy with it.

10th Nov 2002, 15:20
I can't vote on polls :p

But I take the first one: I just start from scratch, and if an idea comes I try it. :)