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19th Oct 2002, 19:58
For curiousity purposes only. I myself can't stand the zombie thing (of course, I don't own Thief 1, and have only played the demo Lord Bafford mission), it doesn't work in Thief 2 for me. I don't like those creepy quick whispering Hammer wielding skeletons in the cemetary either. I'm playing to be a Thief, not battle the undead. I don't know, I just prefer not to have zombies or skeletons in missions I play. Power to you who like them and have the energy to exhaust fighting them. I know the first encounter with a zombie on an FM (I can't remember which one, but there were dead people lying around I didn't kill, who just got up all the sudden) that I screamed like a B**ch and ran around in circles until they killed me. LOL. Anyway, I assure you that none of my created FM's will contain zombies.

19th Oct 2002, 20:03
LOL....I for one, could do without Zombies and be just fine ;)

Unless you give me a sword that can kill them. Then they're OK.

19th Oct 2002, 20:18
Zombies are the worst thing ever invented!! I’m trying to do a few things to make them a bit more of a threat in my undead FM. But there’s not too many in there, cus I hate them good for nothing bags of meat! Zombies are just not scary, slow moving and are easily avoided in Thief; I never give them a 2nd thought when playing!

20th Oct 2002, 03:41
They were great in T1.
Now they need an upgrade. That's all

20th Oct 2002, 03:44
Originally posted by RiCh
Zombies are the worst thing ever invented!!

Your complaint is that they are too easy. Others seem to be complaining that they are to hard, scary, annoying, or whatever. It's not clear.

I like zombies.:) They can be scary, but they are usually not much of a threat of you pay attention and keep moving. The thing I like about them is that they do not shoot at a distance, and they are not so fast (like haunts) so you can (and often must) maneuver around amongst them. They really add to the atmosphere, IMO.

If you want to make zombies more effective, Rich, then place them in more difficult positions. I think the Elevator Mission has the best zombie situations that I can recall. You really had to think on your feet and keep moving with those.

If you haven't played the Elevator Mission, there is one small room where you drop down, and you have to find a lockpick in there and then use the pick to escape the door. So you are running in circles, making a pick at a time. It's panic city. The other one is a sunken room pit where you have to negotiate among them to enter a door and later to plant a rope and climb out of there.

If you are tempted to play Elevator, don't play in Expert. It can't be finished. Hard is quite good if you don't mind a challenge.:)

20th Oct 2002, 13:48
Sorry, but I’ve never found any situation in either Thief game where a zombie has scared me or was a potential threat. The only way Zombies (for me) could ever be threatening is if you encountered them in huge numbers with no obvious way-out. Or when one jumps out on you from the darkness. The Resident Evil games are good examples of this. In RE the zombies can catch and hold on to you, given the others time to home in on you. Making your escape even harder, which in turn can make you panic. In Thief you can just run past them with no difficulty at all, and they’re too slow to ever catch you. The worst adversary in Thief IMO! And since you don’t see many in T2, Looking Glass must of thought this too.

Haunts are much better; being much faster and more aggressive you’ll have a much harder time shaking a haunt than a zombie. Plus their evil laughter in my back speakers when I’m being chase by one puts the frighteners on me every time!

I do have some zombies in my un-dead level but all of them are part of scripted sequences, and none are just wondering about aimlessly. Hopefully this might make them that little bit more scary!

20th Oct 2002, 14:10
Originally posted by Peter Smith

If you are tempted to play Elevator, don't play in Expert. It can't be finished. Hard is quite good if you don't mind a challenge.:)

Yes I’ve played ‘The Elevator’ FM, I didn’t find it scary, but it was a good FM nevertheless. Some good situations like you say, but they didn’t scare me. Equilibrium (sp?) is the only FM that has truly made me jump. The near invisible AI builds up the tension, and listening to their footsteps, and trying to pinpoint their location can build that tension up to breaking point! And when one jumps out and attacks you from behind it’s almost heart stopping! One of my favourite FMs ever, and without doubt the one I can play again and again without ever become tired of it!

20th Oct 2002, 15:54
I think Caradavin's original post might be illuminating when it talks about '<b>Power to you who like them and have the energy to exhaust fighting them.</b>'

I'm with Rich: It's very rare that I have to fight a zombie - just be aware of your surroundings and keep moving, and they're not really a problem. When I first started playing Thief I had huge problems with them, because I was going with the Quake et al 'kill 'em all' philosophy. And in Thief there's no need to. So I wouldn't be at all surprised if the majority of people who really loathe zombies are trying to fight them, rather than avoid them. If you're mostly running from them, and just getting an occasional jolt, I have trouble seeing why you'd feel so passionately about them...


Keeper Collins
20th Oct 2002, 17:25
Ditto Cardvian! To everything you just siad! That was my first encounter with a zombie too. I aussume you were talking about the huanted mines? When that corpse stood up and growled at me I siad to my self THIS IS NO ORDANARIY CORPSE! Soon, after that I relized they could not be killed the way we kill gurads or servents. I know they could be killed using Holy water but I did'nt know I was sopused to use water arrows on them!;) My first encounter with an apparation was in "The Huanted Cahadral". While riading the Old Quarter I came across a man. I thought OMG, an actaul living human being! I was so happy I began jumping for joy! Then,I got him to turn around and I really did'nt like the relsults! The skeletons that wisper in bakwards speech and talk in unearty tones (like apperations) are called Huants. They are a form of undead that is extremly violent and also well know for there speed attacks. My first enconter with these horors was in "Return to the Huanted Cathedral." After entering the Cathedral I thought I saw Hammerites. Ignoring the fact that the cathadral was huante I just walked right in the middle of the room and siad Hi everyone! Big mistake. That is why I hate missions with undead in them like Cragscleft prision, Down in the Bonehoard,The Huanted Cathedral and Return to the hunted Cathedral. The undead thakfully don't apper that much in Thief 2 but they are here and there. And lets not forget the horros of Sledges warped and diabolical "Inverted Manse!" After I played that FM the crap was lieraly scared out of me! So no I hate the undead. They do add a certian touch to Thief and the game would not be the same with out them but still I hate them!

21st Oct 2002, 15:52
Most of the old time Thief players, myself included, don't sweat it with the zombies anymore, if you play with them enough, you get used to them.

The only time anymore, that zombies give me a jump, is when they are used for so called Shock value. When they are suddenly in your face. You don't expect it, you don't see them coming, you can't prepare.

Example, Inverted Manse, lower section of the church, the crypt area, your on the other side of the room, opening a little door in the wall to retrieve something, and well, don't want to give it away for those that haven't played it yet. Go try it, ha.
And another FM, can't remember the name, your by a grave that is dug out, something to Frob by the grave, and *BAM* and when you frob that something, you turn around, and look who is in your face.
Shock value does it for me. And I like it.
Another fine example of shock value, the 7th Crystal, a certain cut scene, with Mech beasts? :)

21st Oct 2002, 18:57
I like zombies - it is fun playing with them and luring them to their enemies so they can fight. Just missing the popcorn when it finally all comes together.

But when I first started playing Thief, those zombies scared the heck outta me.

Haven't played ANY FM's. littlek gets pelted by the FM creators with zombie parts.... but when I do, I'll look forward to the zombie encounters.

21st Oct 2002, 18:58
Bring them all on! I'll take as many AIs as are available in the game whether for an OM or FM. Each AI type has different behaviors and this adds variety and richness to the game.

Zombies are actually pretty tame for AIs. Typically they move slow, their eyesight is pretty bad, they lose interest pretty quickly, you can lure them to other enemy AIs to keep them preoccupied amongst themselves and leave you alone. However, on occasion in some FMs, the author has tweaked the zombies to move much more quickly which makes them more formidable but they still don't compare to a black clad assassin or haunt running right on your heels in full chase mode or a treebeast thundering and wailing with its branches flailing about and coming head on at you.

Keeper Collins
21st Oct 2002, 19:35
Yes,Broken Arts is right. Even though I'm only 15 I have played Thief for a while. And it's true,after you get used to them and learn how they act and react you can really stomp some undead but!

Mr. Perfect
21st Oct 2002, 20:08
Lets put it this way, the first time I saw Zombies was in The Bonehoard. At night. Alone. They really freaked me out, and my prefered way of dealing with them was permently killing them. :D I did grow used to them, but I'll still kill them. I play as something of a assassin anyhow. :)

21st Oct 2002, 20:51
Well since it's me posting, most of you already know I don't care for Z's in my missions...I just don't care to play with them either avoiding or fighting (read that...trying to kill them). Just not my style of play. Oh I can handle a small intergrated part of a story with them if it's really important to the mission...but just throwing them in for the sake of just including them for more gameplay...no, not for me. So basically any game/FM that is devoted to them will usually not get a play from me...there are a few exceptions but not many. At least with a Haunt, you can sneak up from behind and kill but a "Z" doesn't work that way and that's why I don't like to mess with them. Yes, sometimes they can be avoided but a lot of times it seems to be fairly difficult depending on the level and placement/darkness, etc.

I have to agree, that in T1, due to the nature of the story in that release...it seemed more appropriate to have more levels with them...but I still didn't like it! That's why I appreciated T2 more because they had a limited role and you didn't have to visit them if you didn't want to in order to get through the game. I just don't like dying numerous times/reloads to find out how and where to avoid them if possible. I BJ my way through most times and you can't BJ a "Z" or even really kill with a sword. I played an FM one time and I swear I must have had to whack it at least 30 times or more before he finally died and I could get away safely :( That is NOT fun!

So that's my thoughts on Zombie playing and it won't change...I'll never like it. Again for those of you who do...that's fine and there will always be someone who'll make them for you to have your kicks with :) I just won't be dl'g them as is my choice as well ;) Ta and Good Hunting!

24th Oct 2002, 10:43
Zombies are annoying. But only when you haven't learnt how to handle them. Once you find their many flaws, you can use your new-found knowledge to your advantage, and eventually you don't even worry about them. A simple short dash past them will often suffice. Failing that, walk up behind them, backstab them, THEN make a dash. They'll just lumber about for a few moments trying to get their bearings (getting a sword smash through your skull isn't the easiest injury to recover from), then they'll walk off as if nothing happened. Heh heh heh, they're not so smart...

Haunts are fun, provided you have a few flash bombs in reserve, otherwise they're not quite as much of a pushover. The "fight or flight" scenario usually follows if you're lacking flash bombs and are confronted by a haunt or two (most non-suicidal people choose the flight option). But, each to his/her own.

11th Jun 2004, 12:17
One FM I played a few months ago had a zombie who ran as fast as I did. It was very difficult to lose it. It was as if it drank a speed potion. Add one or two more, and we could have a problem. Other than that, the average zombies are almost nonexistent... unless you are in a confined area, obviously. I say almost because I also like to lure them to their enemies. And I save it so I can go back and watch it again.

19th Jun 2004, 12:03
They, along with spiders, are completely and utterly overdone in FMs and to al lesser extent in Thief 1. They're annoying. Haunts, yeah, those can be freaky if you find it hard to locate them, zombies just get annoying. They have their place (There were two in Thief 2 I believe, if you don't count the dancers.) but that's it. I hate Burricks a lot more though, those things are just retarded. They have a long range weapon that can inch around corners, they are, more often than not, stupidly hard to ghost and are frankly just pretty lame.

20th Jun 2004, 13:57
Where were the zombies in Thief 2?

20th Jun 2004, 22:38
Been awhile since I played the whole thing but I think it was in the "Eavesdropping" level...under the church...when you go downstairs and over hear a Mechanist guard and (maybe it was Cavador with her?) then you'll see one of those doors that indicate a Masolium type area...and/or through one of those passages around outside that has one of those doors too (I think?) which just could be the other side. I didn't really explore it much but saw enough when I opened one that I didn't want to go in. There was some loot to be had inside but was not important enough for me to go in...I think that's the one anyway? Someone else may have better info. The crypts outside had some sounds like they were inside...and maybe there was a way to get down from there but I don't remember if there was...I just got the loot that was around on the ground in them :) That's about as much as I know of more or less :D Ta and Good Hunting!

21st Jun 2004, 23:05
Originally posted by newk007
Where were the zombies in Thief 2?
Two in the graveyard before 'Trail of blood' and two dancing over the first wall on your right outside Shalebridge Station in 'Framed'. There are haunts in 'Casing the Joint', 'Eavesdropping', 'Precious Cargo' and non-agressive ones in 'Trail of Blood'

22nd Jun 2004, 02:00
That's right Guineapiggy, I forgot about the ghosts in "Casing" but there was only one that was supposed to be harmful (ghost not undead) till you solved the mystery. However, I never ran into him but did see him I think upstairs this last time I played recently. The two undeads/zombies in "Courier" graveyard could be dangerous if awakened (and I believe that was your first encounter/introduction to them as well in T2's game)...and one in particular as I remember was very difficult to get past to get loot as he was right in the middle of your way over to it :eek: LOL Then if you went to Pirate Cave on ship...that again was a ghost...not an undead but rather be classed as a ghost Haunt? The difference of course from a ghost Haunt and a Haunt was their visibilty factor ;) Anyway, I was just glad there weren't as many in T2 as was in T1/G :D Ta and Good Hunting!

22nd Jun 2004, 02:48
How do I like my zombie's in my FM's? With a dash of salt, and just a pinch of pepper. ¬¬

John D.
22nd Jun 2004, 04:24
No thanks, even with a good slow roast with fire crystals-you still cant get the funny flavor out!:eek: :p

23rd Jun 2004, 11:25
That's crazy! I completely missed all the zombies in T2! Didn't miss the ghosts though. Or the haunt in "eavesdropping". It's been a while since I really played it though.

John D.
23rd Jun 2004, 11:37
I've always enjoyed luring the Haunt out of the basement to play with the Mech's in Eavesdropping

24th Jun 2004, 06:34
Hey I remember now! In the necromancers tower, in life of the party... that book with the mysterious red glow... bringing back memories anyone?

John D.
24th Jun 2004, 07:01
Hehe, you could see some Evil Dead influence in there!:D

21st Jul 2004, 22:46
I admit it... my attitude toward them is colored by my FIRST experience with them. In the mines I was tooling around, inspecting everything... AND playing with rear speakers... When I heard that inhuman growl behind me... I confess... I almost needed a laundry change! I knew to expect these critters... but there had been a dead body out closer to the entrance, and HE didn't get up and growl at me. The hair stood up on the back of my neck and thus, I have never liked the undead in Thief. I would much, much rather deal with just plain, old, mean, ugly humans than zombies, haunts, gargoyles, ghosts, and haunts. But I am a Thiefadic (Thief Addict), so will continue to put up with them.

27th Jul 2004, 16:29
as other have posted, i like the zombie additions

it's a universe that has magic, alchemy, and medieval stuff... that's ripe for zombies...

i mean, come on, necromancy just fits in here. now, i think theif 3 did a good job with the zombies because the story doesn't focus on them...

zombies are nice for breaking up the flow of the game a little...kind of give you something else to think about for a bit, but like cg in movies... it's best to keep it to a minimum... not make it a major point of the game


28th Jul 2004, 01:15
I was DREADING my detour into the Abysmal Gale, but after getting in the ship... feeling my skin crawl... picking up a little loot...flashbombing about 4 of those nasties... it wasn't so bad after all :) Definitely kept it to a minimum... which was nice. HOWEVER... I KNOW what's coming... at least in part. Inner cradle/outer cradle/haunts/gargoyles... YUK... and I love it!

11th Aug 2004, 22:45
don't like zzombies ... espeeciaally in t1/t2...

18th Aug 2004, 19:56
ahhhhhhh!!!!! zombies.........i quit playing the dark project for about a year because of the zombies on the cragslaft prison level. i was like, "omg run around, i'm out of water arrows, ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! what is that noise?!?!?!?!?!" i'm such a woosy. anyway, yeah, after about the seventh hour(on the saved, not the overall) of "down in the bonehoard" i got used to them. they still creep me out though. spiders are almost as bad, but at least they don't moan, and cry, and cackle, and............whatever else.

29th Aug 2004, 00:26
The best way to kill zombies is to have a bottle of holy water and some water arrows. It blows them up, no more zombies. Oh and flash bombs have the same effect too! So to answer your question, no I can't stand zombies!

29th Aug 2004, 02:30
...........yeah dude, thats how you can kill them........along with fire arrows, stop being so obvious

29th Aug 2004, 22:39
Sheesh! first of all I'm not a dude. And secondly I guess this is what you get for trying to be helpfull. :(

30th Aug 2004, 01:49
i'm sorry, i didn't mean to be mean, and i call everyone dude.....even my....well, x-gf, so, no big. please accept my humblest apologies.

30th Aug 2004, 02:33
No problem Liptoncracker :)

1st Sep 2004, 02:38
I don't like the zombies either, but I have to agree with Peter Smith and BA, they can be ignored most of the time and I also think they add to the difficulty of some of the missions. I like having variety in the AI. When I met my first, I have to admit that I almost fell out of my chair I jumped back so quick! They still give me the creeps, but that's part of the fun. Of course I play in the dark with the rest of the house very quiet.